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Meet the people that look after your money

Our CEO interviews are designed to give you some insight into the leadership of the companies you may potentially become clients of. In our view, the ethos from any business comes from the top and by understanding a CEO’s objectives, you can make a more informed decision about whether a provider is suitable for you.

Max Rofagha Finimize Founder Good Money Guide Interview

Max Rofagha, CEO and founder of Finimize on the Great Wealth Transfer

Max Rofagha, the CEO and founder of Finimize, explains the great wealth transfer and how his financial analysis app helps educate investors. We discuss what life at Finimize has been like since being acquired by ABRDN, the growth of Finimize’s B2B business, where their subscribers come from and how curated content can help reduce asymmetry

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Richard Dana Tembo Money

Richard Dana, Tembo Money CEO, on the importance of Lifetime ISAs

Richard Dana, CEO and founder of Tembo, discusses the acquisition of NUDE Lifetime ISA and the rebranding to the Tembo Lifetime ISA. Tembo aims to help people struggling with affordability in the housing market by offering alternative options and finding ways to accelerate the home-buying process. Video Podcast The Tembo Lifetime ISA allows customers to

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Rezaah Aahmad

Fractional Bond Investing With Rezaah Ahmad CEO of WiseAlpha

Bonds are all the rage at the moment and can be an excellent addition to anyone’s portfolio. However, compared to mainstream investments they often get overlooked as you have traditionally needed big pockets to get involved. WiseAlpha has been pioneering the concept of fractional investing making corporate bonds more accessible. As it’s been nearly five

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Investing in UK Treasury Bills on Freetrade with Adam Dodds, CEO

Freetrade has just launched UK Treasury Bills for their customers, which have previously only been available to UK investors in minimum order sizes of £500,000. So, I have a chat with Adam Dodds, the Freetrade CEO, about how to invest in UK Treasury Bills on Freetrade and how investors can benefit from them. You can

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Paul Roberts Stockomendation

Paul Roberts, on how Stockomendation can make you a better investor

Stockomendation is a share-tipping site I’ve followed for ages. In fact, most of the tipsters on it I’ve followed for even longer, but in a very fragmented way. Dipping in and out of various websites, publications and social media feeds to see who is saying what about the “hot stocks”. But, then along came Stockomendation

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Gerry Perez Interactive Brokers

Gerry Perez, Interactive Brokers UK MD on IBKR’s global scope and scale

We talk to Gerry Perez, the UK Managing Director of Interactive Brokers. Interactive Brokers, looks after everybody from the man on the street just starting out investing all the way out to the biggest institutions. IBKR’s got a very broad client base and a very broad product offering, and they’re also very, very cheap. So

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Charlie Macpherson - CIRCA5000

Charlie Macpherson, CIRCA5000, ETF MD tells us why they are launching their own brand of Impact Investment ETFs

Ethical and impact investing apps like Clim8 (closing) & Tulipshare (pivoting) have found it difficult to gain traction and onboard enough customers to grow as sustainable businesses, but one platform that is bucking the trend and moving into ETFs is CIRCA5000. CIRCA5000 are launching their own range of IMPACT ETFs, which enable investors to buy

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Dan Moczulski eToro UK MD

Dan Moczulski, eToro UK MD on the new “global” way to invest

I’ve always thought that Canary Wharf gets a bad rap when it’s described as soulless, and like an airport compared to The City. I’ve worked in both for years during my two decades in finance and I have to say that I actually quite like going to Canary Wharf, it’s clean, the City is grubby,

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Massimiliano Alvisini Western Union

Massimiliano Alvisini, on Western Union’s resilience to challenger brands

One of the most “disrupted” markets of the last ten years has been the money transfer industry. Money transfer apps, peer-to-peer currency networks, and off the rack white label solutions from a new nimble breed of fintechs have reduced customer fees, improved exchange rates and speeded up transfer times. But when it comes to money,

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Jordan Mayo, Profile Pensions CEO on the merits of technology meeting advice

Pensions are big business at the moment. Partly because people are generally taking more interest in their finances, but also because there is a convergence of technology and service. Pensions have always been seen as a background investment, one not to be tinkered with. But as technology helps highlight the excessive costs from legacy platforms

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Cedric Menager PagoFX

Cedric Menager, CEO of PagoFX on why being Santander backed and focussing on transparent pricing is key to their success

With currency brokers seemingly growing on trees thanks to the advance of fintech solutions we talk to Cedric Menager, the seasoned tech entrepreneurs about why PagoFX does things better. What separates PagoFX from all the other currency transfer providers out there? PagoFX is an international payment service for customers now in the UK, Belgium and

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Romi Savova, PensionBee CEO

Romi Savova, PensionBee CEO on narrowing the pension advice gap

A recurring theme when I talk to CEOs and Fund Managers about long-term investing is that to make money most of the time you should do absolutely nothing. That, however, is in stark contrast to the fact that you must do something absolutely immediately, as soon as possible, this instant. Both are true, you should

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Crawford Taylor on how getting Nude can help you buy a house

In our latest CEO interview, we hear from Crawford Taylor, the founder of digital savings account Nude, which helps young people save to get on the property ladder. Nude has recently closed another round of investment raising over £3.5m from more than 800 investors on the equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs. Why did you set up

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Tom McGillycuddy tickr

Tom McGillycuddy, CEO of tickr (now CIRCA5000) on how impact investing can help you make a difference (as well as money)

A lot has changed in the world of ethical investing. When I first started out as a stockbroker for King & Shaxon, almost twenty years ago, ethical investing consisted of huddling around a Bloomberg terminal for morning conference calls, chirping in with potential investment opportunities may or may not fulfil ethical investment criteria. Caring about

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Peter Hargreaves Blue Whale Capital

Peter Hargreaves, Chairman of Blue Whale Capital on investment strategies and the importance of investing in the next generation of fund managers

What do you do when you’ve stepped away from a FTSE 100 listed investment firm valued at around £9 billion you set up and have run for nearly four decades? Evidently, you set up another one. That’s what Peter Hargreaves the co-founder of Hargreaves Lansdown has done with Blue Whale Capital. Sometimes doing these interviews

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Darren Westlake CEO Crowdcube Interview

First, off why did you set up Crowdcube and what’s been your proudest moment since founding the company to date? I’d been running my own businesses and as an entrepreneur I realised first hand how difficult it is to secure investment. I’d had a great experience from angel investors but they’re in high demand, and

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Rezaah Aahmad

Rezaah Ahmad, CEO of WiseAlpha explains how and why his platform allows private clients to invest in previously unattainable high-yielding corporate bonds

Life is pretty unfair really. All the (seemingly) best stuff is reserved for people with the most money. And finance is no different. If you’re taking out a massive mortgage for an eight-bed, detached mansion on a private estate you can borrow at interest rates that are lower than for an ex-local studio flat. When

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Clive Lambert, CEO of Futurestechs highlights the importance of humanising automated technical analysis

Fresh from winning best independent research house for fixed income (and equities and multi-asset finalist) in this year’s The Technical Analyst Awards. We catch up with Clive Lambert of Futurestechs on providing technical analysis for traders and brokers First off – what does Futurestechs do and who do you do it for? We write daily analysis on

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Matt Murphie: MD of Australian CFD broker FP Markets explains the regulatory differences between trading in Australia and Europe

Since the recent ESMA rules capping margin rates for retail traders in the UK. There has been a huge amount of interest in trading offshore. We’ve covered the advantages and disadvantages of using an ASIC broker before, but what is Australian CFD trading really like?  Here we get the inside scoop from Matt Murphie MD of

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