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Our CEO interviews are designed to give you some insight into the leadership of the companies you may potentially become clients of. In our view, the ethos from any business comes from the top and by understanding a CEO’s objectives, you can make a more informed decision about whether a provider is suitable for you.

Dan Moczulski eToro UK MD

Dan Moczulski, eToro UK MD on the new “global” way to invest

I’ve always thought that Canary Wharf gets a bad rap when it’s described as soulless, and like an airport compared to The City. I’ve worked in both for years during my two decades in finance and I have to say that I actually quite like going to Canary Wharf, it’s clean, the City is grubby,

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Massimiliano Alvisini, on Western Union’s resilience to challenger brands

One of the most “disrupted” markets of the last ten years has been the money transfer industry. Money transfer apps, peer-to-peer currency networks, and off the rack white label solutions from a new nimble breed of fintechs have reduced customer fees, improved exchange rates and speeded up transfer times. But when it comes to money,

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Jordan Mayo, Profile Pensions CEO on the merits of technology meeting advice

Pensions are big business at the moment. Partly because people are generally taking more interest in their finances, but also because there is a convergence of technology and service. Pensions have always been seen as a background investment, one not to be tinkered with. But as technology helps highlight the excessive costs from legacy platforms

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