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In this episode of Good Money Guide TV we speak to Kieran D’Silva Co-founder and CFO of PrimaryBid about investing in new issues, IPOs and placings.

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In today’s discussion we cover:

  • What’s the difference between a new issue, placing and IPO?
  • Are new issues, IPOs and placings right for retail investors?
  • What sort of returns can you expect from investing in new issues, placings and IPOs?
  • What are the risks of IPOs, New Issues & Placings?
  • What are the main benefits ofIPOs, New Issues & Placings?
  • When can you sell out after a new issue, IPO or placing?
  • Where can you find out what companies are issuing an IPO, new issue or placing?
  • What PrimaryBid offers and how it works.
  • Why investors should use PrimaryBid rather than going direct through their stockbroker
  • What PrimaryBid will do differently compared to existing/closed new issue only platforms
  • What about international markets, IPOs in the US, Europe and Asia new issue access.
  • Will PrimaryBid cover unlisted securities? Providing a secondary market for equity crowdfunding and VC investments.
  • Where are funds held prior to allocation and are they protected under the FSCS or segregated from the firms funds or other clients funds. If a full allocation is not alloted, are funds sent back?

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