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Start-up and small-medium sized hedge funds, professional traders and institutions can use our prime broker finder service to connect with the most appropriate prime brokers for their specific style of trading. We have partnered with some of the best prime brokers based in the UK and regulated by the FCA and have two decades of experience in the institutional brokerage space and through our network of multi-asset prime brokers, we are able to connect funds with the most appropriate brokers, salespeople, traders, and institutional service providers.

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We will never pass on, share or release your details to any third party unless you specifically ask us to. For more information see our full privacy policy. There is no cost for using our services. We act as an introducing agent to regulated brokers and may receive a form of commission or rebate for referring business.

⚠️ FCA Regulation

All prime brokers that operate in the UK must be regulated by the FCA. The FCA is the Financial Conduct Authority and is responsible for ensuring that UK prime brokers are properly capitalised, treat customers fairly and have sufficient compliance systems in place. We only feature prime brokers that are regulated by the FCA, where your funds are protected by the FSCS.

Prime Brokers FAQs:

Good Money Guide can help you find the right prime broker with our prime broker finder tool. You will have a few questions to answer about the size of your hedge fund, your main investment methods and how often you trade, as well as any additional features that you may require. The finder tool will take about 10 minutes to complete.

A mini prime broker is simple a prime broker that accepts small institutional accounts. Mini prime brokers are more appropriate for start-up and new hedge funds. Use our comparison tables to compare the best UK based mini prime brokers authorised and regulated by the FCA. Choose or switch to a mini prime broker that offers the most markets, best pricing and client security.

Prime brokers are for institutional accounts so there is not a definitive list of prime brokers. However, with our prime broker comparison service, you can choose from prime brokers which may suit your needs and which can make it easier to choose the best prime broker for you.

The top-tier prime brokers are shutting down all their smaller accounts so start-up hedge funds need a mini prime broker or mid-tier prime broker.

Our prime broker finder tool can help your start-up hedge fund find top prime brokers that are most appropriate for your investment strategy.

If you have a small hedge fund take you can find a mini prime broker here. We work with the best prime brokers for small to medium-sized hedge funds that can assist with your trading and fund strategy, including custodian services, regulatory umbrellas, research, analysis and outsourced back-office systems. Use our comparison tables to compare the best UK-based mini prime brokers authorised and regulated by the FCA. Choose or switch to a mini prime broker that offers the most markets, best pricing and client security.

Prime brokers make money by charging a fee or commission for facilitating the transactions for the funds that they manage. This fee is normally called a “spread”.

Publically traded online trading platforms like IG, CMC Markets, City Index (owned by StoneX) and Interactive Brokers are generally safer as they must report their financial status to the stock exchange and investors more frequently than private companies. By keeping an eye on a company’s share price you can see how healthy its balance sheet is.

There is no guarantee that any trading platform will not go bankrupt, but there are ways to keep an eye on the health of the company behind it.

Funds up to £85k are predicted by the FSCS if a broker defaults, but not above that amount, unless insurance is in place.

An FX prime brokerage can offer access to the currency markets around the World at the best prices, as well as funding and clearing services to foreign exchange traders. In addition to the provision of securities, collateral and operational efficiencies there can be many other benefits for forex traders.

Larger prime brokers focus on providing wholesale services to large clients who can then provide the most relevant version of a large prime brokers services to the end client. This enable large prime brokers to focus on their core clients and smaller prime brokers to provide a more appropriate bespoke service to small hedge funds and traders.

While some prime brokers are proprietary trading firms, that does not make all proprietary trading firms prime brokers. A proprietary trading firm is a firm that trades it’s own money, whereas a prime broker is a firm that providers brokerage services to traders, funds and smaller brokers reselling their services.

Yes, funds can transact and execute trades through more than one prime broker. However, funds will have to nominate a single prime broker as their main account.

A prime broker is a funds main account whereas an executing broker is another broker a fund deals with that will execute orders for them and give them up to the main prime brokerage account.

Brokers such as IGSaxo Markets and Interactive Brokers that provide DMA or hedge client positions allow scalping where traders buy and sell positions quickly in order to take small profits and losses.

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