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As well as providing news and commentary on the investment and currency transfer market in our research section Good Money Guide analysts are available for comment for the national press.

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Below are a few of  our recent media comments:

FT.com: Beware the foreign exchange transfers maze

However, comparing quotes is complicated. For example, you could only find out the HSBC rate if you were already a customer. Price comparison sites, such as goodmoneyguide.com or […], compare rates offered by specialist brokers such as Key Currency, AFEX, TorFX and Currencies Direct.

Master Investor Fintech Panel – Talk Title: The Democatisation of Financial Services

Led by Richard Berry, Managing Director at the Good Money Guide, the panel gives an insight into how fintech companies are opening up access to financial services for everyone, and what people should consider when looking at new markets. Panelists include Tim Levene, CEO, Augmentum VC; Rezaah Ahmad, Founder, WiseAlpha; Kirsty Grant, Chief Investment Officer, Seedrs; and Richard Berry.

iNewsUS election 2020: FTSE 100 shrugs off American impasse to finish day almost 2% higher

Richard Berry, founder of comparison site goodmoneyguide.com, said: “If there’s one clear loser from America’s headlong rush towards electoral …

FortuneWho won the election? Putin and Xi, experts say

Unfortunately, they’re sitting in Beijing and Moscow,” Richard Berry, a financial markets commentator at Goodmoneyguide.com, said Wednesday.

Reuters Investors in the US have a choice between hope and fear

“The‘ blue wave ’of the Democrats crashed on the rock of Donald Trump’s electoral base ommented Richard Berry, founder of the comparison portal Goodmoneyguide.com.

Insurance Insider: FX in a Covid-19 era

It is next to impossible to predict where FX markets are going to go to make money,” says Richard Berry, managing director at Good Money Guide. “But it’s very simple to hedge exposure to protect yourself from losing more money.

Financial Reporter: FCA bans sale of cryptocurrency investments

Richard Berry, founder of goodmoneyguide.com, commented: “Britain’s financial regulator has had cryptocurrencies in its sights for years. Finally it has pulled the trigger. While it’s no misfire, the FCA’s shot is all but certain to miss its mark.

Wealth Briefing: Compliance Corner: Switzerland, FCA Crypto Clampdown

“While it’s no misfire, the FCA’s shot is all but certain to miss its mark,” Richard Berry, founder of goodmoneyguide.com, said. “To be clear, it has not banned cryptocurrencies themselves, but a set of complex and poorly understood derivatives that track unregulated crypto assets.”

Daily Mail: City watchdog bans sale of risky cryptocurrency-linked products to protect retail investors against shock losses

Richard Berry, founder of goodmoneyguide.com, said the FCA’s ban falls short of stopping these scammers who target victims through Instagram and cold calls.

The Sun: CRYPTO COINS Bitcoin and cryptocurrency products banned from sale in UK regulator crackdown

Richard Berry, founder of the goodmoneyguide.com, said: “The real danger is not the investments themselves, but the network of scammers and get-rich-quick merchants who peddle them online and through high-pressure cold calls.

The Express: Inflation drops to 0.2 percent but warnings that “more stimulus is needed’ emerge

Richard Berry, the founder of goodmoneyguide.com, also commented on the figures, noting the potential impact on tomorrow’s base rate decision: “For all the eye-catching anomalies – restaurant prices plunging and airfares falling in August for the first time ever – the markets are breathing a sigh of relief.

Business Insider: UK inflation hits lowest level since 2015 after government’s dining-out scheme cuts prices at restaurants

“As a result the Bank of England is unlikely to be bounced into knee-jerk action at this week’s Monetary Policy Committee meeting,” Berry said. “The prospect of business as usual on monetary policy will soothe market nerves and has set UK stocks on course for another strong day.”

Pound Sterling Live: Help Out to Eat Out Sends Inflation Plummeting

“Crucially the biggest downward force on consumer prices – the month-long ‘Eat out to help out’ scheme – has now finished,” says Richard Berry, founder of goodmoneyguide.com. “Nevertheless oil prices remain subdued and hopes that Christmas spending will speed up price growth in coming months remain far from assured.”

This is Money: Surge in the cost of fuel and HAIRCUTS and a lack of clothing discounts by under-pressure retailers drive shock inflation rise as businesses try to recover from lockdown

‘No one should confuse July’s surge in inflation with a return to rude economic health’, Richard Berry, founder of Good Money Guide said.