Andrew Lane, Acuity Trading CEO on adding value to brokerage accounts through sentiment and signals

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I’ve known Andrew for around 10 years, or I should say I’ve known of Andrew for around 10 year. I first came across him when his company, integrated a sentiment dashboard for the US elections into a trading platform I was using.

I was working at a similar sort of firm then, Investors Intelligence. We had a platform that would automatically generate trading signals based on point and figure (P&F) charting. It’s a fairly niche product. But we’d also white-label our analysis to brokers like IG, Barclays Wealth and TD Waterhouse.

However, since then, Acuity Trading has evolved into a very slick API that can automatically generate OCO orders with a platform based on their signals. I love a good trading signal and was just playing about with them on ThinkMarkets platform (which I’m about to review). But that doesn’t really matter, as if you are a trader, you may not notice you’re using them.

In this interview we find out a bit more about Andrew, and how he got started in the industry. He tells us about how global warming almost shut down his product and gives some tips for aspiring entrepreneurs who are setting up a financial services business.

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