Investing in UK Treasury Bills on Freetrade with Adam Dodds, CEO

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Freetrade has just launched UK Treasury Bills for their customers, which have previously only been available to UK investors in minimum order sizes of £500,000. So, I have a chat with Adam Dodds, the Freetrade CEO, about how to invest in UK Treasury Bills on Freetrade and how investors can benefit from them.

You can watch the full interview below or listen on Spotify.

YouTube video

We discuss Freetrade’s history, its Good Money Guide Awards, as well as the evolution of the market for low-cost or free stockbrokers. Adam and I then delve into the concept of UK Treasury Bills, explaining that they are short-term IOUs from the government and offer a relatively risk-free rate of return.

We also discuss the mechanics of how to invest in UK Treasury Bills and the benefits of investing in them through Freetrade as opposed to directly with the DMO. We also cover the risks and protections for investors, as well as the availability of fractionalised shares in ISAs.

We finish up with some quickfire questions about how Adam invests his own money and some tips for investors around continually investing and avoid trying to time the market.

In this interview we discuss:

  • Freetrade’s History & Awards
  • Overview of UK Treasury Bills
  • Comparison with Traditional Bonds
  • Investing in UK Treasury Bills through Free Trade
  • Risks and Protections for Investors
  • Fractionalized Shares in ISAs
  • Quickfire Questions About Adam’s Investing
  • Tips & Guidance for Investors
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