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I’ve been involved in large currency transfers for about twenty years. As both a prime broker to currency providers and have run a currency broker specialising in large currency transfers and preparing for a large foreign currency transaction can be simpler if you know the steps involved.

In this step-by-step guide to large currency transactions, I will explain the process, the costs, and the risks so you can make an informed decision on the best way to send and receive your money.

What is the best way to exchange large amounts of currency?

Definitely, use a currency broker. International payments can be made cheaper and faster than your bank. A bank could charge up to 4% in exchange rates costs, whereas a currency broker will normally be under 0.5% from the mid-market.

Currency brokers can also offer advice on market timing, and offer currency forwards that let you lock in the currency exchange rate for conversions and transfers for up to one year in advance.

You can read up on how to compare exchange rates for currency transfers here

Using a currency broker can get you the best rates for large foreign exchange conversions.

This is because a currency broker provides much better exchange rates than most high street banks and also offers currency forwards.

Currency forwards let you lock in the currency exchange rate for conversions and transfers for up to one year in advance.

Here is what currency forwards are and how they work.

The best currency brokers for large currency transfers

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding foreign exchange methods for large amounts of money:

What are the risks of transferring large sums of money abroad?

One of the major risks when it comes to transferring a large amount of foreign exchange is that you will get a bad price and end up paying more than you should. When you convert funds with a currency broker you can choose the exchange rates and see live streaming quotes.

However, with a bank, you have no control over the exchange rate which could cost you thousands if the transfer is large enough.

The other of course is that currency brokers are generally not covered by the FSCS.

Here are the main price risks or transferring large sums of money abroad:

The bad exchange rate risk

Currency brokers provide bank-beating exchange rates.  A bank can charge up to 4% for a large foreign exchange transfer, whereas decent online money transfer platforms like Transferwise currency brokers generally charge less than 0.35%.

You can, in fact, get even better rates with smaller more personal currency brokers like Linear International Payments. You just have to ask!

Charges and fees should always be included in the exchange rate which is calculated as a percentage from the mid-market.

You can read our article on how to compare exchange rates here.

Volatile currency fluctuations risk in currency transfers

Here’s how to avoid currency fluctuations: use a currency forward

A currency forward allows customers to lock in the currency exchange rate for a conversion for any time up to a year in the future.

So, if you know that you have to buy say 500,000 Euros in six months’ time you can buy them at the current rate and pay for them in six months.

By locking in the exchange rate you no longer have to worry about the price of Euros moving against you and costing more.

Timing the currency transfer transaction incorrectly risk

Here’s how to correctly time a transaction: use a dealer

As well as providing an online platform where our clients can convert and transfer large amounts of currency online we also have a bank of experienced dealers who can trade for you over the phone.

There are certain times of day when market prices are tighter and it is advisable not to trade around certain economic figures that are released to the market.

If you have a particularly large currency trade we are able to finesse the order into the market so the price does not get pushed by increased volumes.

Safety of your funds in currency transfer risk

Firstly avoid scams by doing some basic research. Search Google for bad reviews and check the FCA register to make sure your broker is regulated here.

Never trust any financial services business that is not regulated by the FCA or based in the UK.

It’s important to note that, unlike banks, currency brokers are not covered by the FSCS so you don’t get protection if the firm goes bust when your money is in transit.

How to send a large amount of money to someone?

For individual large money transfers, you can generally open an account with a currency broker in a few minutes.

There are some fairly stringent checks that currency brokers have to do when sending a large amount of money abroad so don’t be shocked if they ask for some proof of what the transaction is for.

Fortunately, most of these checks can be done online now.

Currency brokers are required by the FCA to make some AML (anti-money laundering) ID checks that can take a couple of hours.  Once this is done your account Should be approved and you can convert funds and transfer them abroad either online or over the phone.

If you need to send a friend, family member or a large amount of foreign currency to anyone a currency broker will be your cheapest and fasted option.

How to send a large business payment abroad?

To compare commercial currency services take a look at our business foreign exchange comparison table.

Traditional business bank accounts are one of the most expensive ways of business international money transfers so make sure you use a currency broker to protect you profit margin and reduce your currency exposure.

Using a currency broker can save you a significant amount of money on large international business payments.

Here are five reasons to use a currency broker rather than your bank:

  1. Know your margin One of the major issues for large business foreign currency transfers is that the costs of foreign exchange are included in the exchange rate. This means you may not be able to see exactly what you have been charged for a transaction.
  2. Get the best rate every-time –  Currency brokers can offer exchange rates are fixed so you know exactly what your costs are. With transparent rates it is possible when you trade online or over the phone to see both the mid-market and your exchange rate so you can calculate exactly what your fees are. This means that by using a transparent currency broker you can be confident that you are getting the cheapest transfer rate every time without having to compare brokers.
  3. Hedge your currency risk – Hedging currency risk is very simple. If you know that your business will be buying say 500,000 in Euros but split up over the year you can use a currency forward to lock in the currency exchange rate for the whole year. Banks generally do not offer this facility. You can date them so you only pay for what you need and when you need it and it means that you don’t have to worry about the exchange rate moving against you and reducing your profit margins.
  4. Convert and send funds online – As most banking is done online now, it makes sense to convert and transfer large amounts of money online too. most currency brokers utilise industry-leading foreign exchange platform that gives you 24 hour access to live exchange rates and statements
  5. Personal service and expert advice – As well as investing heavily in technology, foreign exchange is at heart a relationship business. That the relationship with clients, relationship with the banks, compliance and technology providers who all come together to produce the discounted exchange rates and systems that make money flow cheaply and quickly between foreign banks. Never forget the benefits of picking up the phone and talking to someone who actually know who you are!

What’s the cheapest way of receiving large amounts of money from overseas?

Bringing money back to the UK is called repatriation of funds and still involves a foreign exchange conversion.

If you send funds straight to your bank you’ll have no control over the exchange rate or timing so make sure you use a currency broker.  The exchange rates will be better and you can choose when to execute the conversion.

Expert dealers, who handle the repatriation of funds every day can also talk you through the process if you would rather deal over the phone than via our online conversion and transfer platform.

Use a currency broker to exchange large amounts of currency online to get the best price.

Here are the steps of the best way to exchange large amounts of currency online:

  1. Open an account with a currency broker – This usually takes a few minutes to register via an online application. Once they have your ID your currency broker will do some required AML checks for the FCA and let you know when your account is approved.
  2. Check quotes online – Once your account is approved you will get access to their online currency conversion platform.  When you are logged in you can view live streaming prices and get quotes for all the currencies offered. When you request a quote you should be shown exactly how much a transaction will cost or how much you will receive.
  3. Doing the transaction – You can choose either a same day (spot) or currency forward contract which allows you to buy or sell large amounts of currency for any date up to one year in the future. You do not need to send funds before you trade as this may slow down the process and mean you miss your price.
  4.  Making the onward payment – After you’ve done the trade add the details of the beneficiary of the funds. This can be either a single person or entity or split into multiple payments. As soon as your funds arrive the currency broker should make the onward payment.

Three things are most important when exchanging large amounts of currency:

  • The price
  • The speed
  • The safety

We’ll take a quick look at each key point of a large currency transfer, but it’s normally best to give us a call as each situation is different and we are happy to explain the process and options to all prospective customers.

How to get the best price for large foreign exchange transfers?

First, don’t use your bank, it may seem the easy option because you don’t have to open an account with a currency broker but it will be worth it. Opening an account takes a few minutes and one you are up and running you can convert funds online or over the phone.

Currency brokers provide the fastest large money transfer options.

As currency brokers only focus on getting clients money where it needs to go cheaply and quickly they are able to send money same day.

So if you need to send a large amount of foreign exchange abroad a currency broker can send the foreign currency out as soon as your funds arrive with us.

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