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Use our trading cost calculator to compare how much it will cost you to trade with different brokers. Just tell us what you trade, how often and the average value of each position. We will then compare brokers ranked from cheapest to most expensive for your specific type of trading.


When we compare trading costs we look at three things:

  1. What you trade
  2. How often do you trade it
  3. The size our your position

The size of the position relates to the value, not the amount of shares.

We then calculate the cost of that trade and rank brokers based on which one is the cheapest.

Yes, in our trading platform section you can read our views on the brokers when we tested the platform. You can also see how we rate providers based on pricing, service, added value and market access. 

We also rank brokers based on our assessment and over 7,000 votes in our annual awards.

When comparing trading costs and commission you also need to look at overnight financing rates. This is the cost of holding a position overnight.