Duncan Anderson Tickmill UK Ltd CEO on CFDs vs Futures plus API, algo & high frequency trading

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What’s fascinating about brokers is that, on the surface, they all seem to do the same thing, which is providing access to the markets. It’s becoming harder and harder to compete on price because, there is only so low they can go and if it becomes a complete race to the bottom, brokers won’t make any money and will all go out of business. Fortunately, trader demands are more complex than ever as API trading becomes more popular. So one way brokers really can differentiate themselves is the service they offer around helping traders create and implement their automated trading strategies.

In this CEO interview, we talk to Duncan Anderson, Tickmill UK Ltd. CEO who tells us what Tickmill does, how they do it differently compared to other brokers. We also find out a little bit more about Duncan, including what a typical day looks like for a CEO, the best and worst parts of running Tickmill. Plus he gives us some tips and a book recommendation for traders.

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