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Over the summer I met Ivan Gowan, the new CEO of Capital.com at their UK offices. From our chat, what’s particularly noticeable is that Capital.com is an app first, tech first, trader first type of broker.

What Ivan, and the team ( the big team) of developers are doing is building a trading app that incorporates decades of user behavior and analytics to aid traders through artificial intelligence.

The objectives are to not only make trading easier, through things like thumb placement and reach.  But also utilise artificial intelligence so traders can review their positions to see what they are doing right, and more importantly, what they are doing wrong.

Fresh from becoming FCA regulated we asked Ivan what makes Capital.com stand out and why a trader should make the switch and open an account.

As it becomes hard for brokers to differentiate themselves on through advice, education pricing and new client incentives. What sets capital.com apart from the rest?

We built artificial intelligence into the core of our platform. It is used to detect trade biases and produce detailed insights and performance reports.

Our award winning platform, featuring news and real time pricing, is focused on providing our clients with a great trading experience, with competitively priced spreads and overnight fees.

We provide clients with a wide range of markets to trade, with sophisticated charts with upto 30 years of price history. We’re transparent about our costs, and we will never charge fees for deposits and withdrawals.

What did you do before taking the helm as CEO and in particular what was the draw in applying your experience to Capital.com?

Before joining Capital.com I was with IG for more than 15 years in technology.  Understanding the needs of traders through a range of focus groups, analytics and client feedback over a period of two decades was invaluable.

I have delivered innovative platforms throughout my career including the first web based STP real time trading platform, first native mobile trading platform back in 2004 and the first Apple Watch trading app.

I’m excited to bring this unique experience and insight with me to Capital.com where we have built an award winning platform and continue to respond to the needs of our traders.

Capital.com has just become FCA regulated. How important do you think FCA regulation is as well as having a base in London?

The FCA is recognised as a global leader in establishing regulation for financial markets.  It is very important to us that we operate in all the major financial markets and London was a top priority for us.

We are delighted to have obtained our authorisation and continue to apply in further jurisdictions to take our innovative platform to even more people and countries.

For new users, what are the top three features in the Capital.com app that can benefit your clients the most?

(1) One of the most important features for me is that the platform, which spans all devices, offers unique post-trade performance analysis with bias detection at your fingertips.

(2) We also carefully choose language in our platform to help clients understand trading and risk management; allowing clients to trade with transparency and ease.

(3) For people new to trading, the education videos, tutorials and market updates we produce on Youtube and Facebook Live are a must watch! That’s not to mention our dedicated financial education app Investmate, which complements these materials.  Our clients love Investmate! It’s regularly rated 5 stars with comments like: “Great app for beginners as well as advanced users, explaining all the terms I needed to know. Amazing, and just what I’ve been looking for!”

And finally, of all the third party resources out there to help traders be more informed and potentially improve their trading. What would be your top three recommended websites, app or services?

Bloomberg has to be in that list. But I also really like to read the Financial Times and follow Reuters news.  We provide our clients with Bloomberg TV videos and Reuters news to help them stay on top of the latest news that impacts the markets.

Ivan Gowan is CEO of Capital.com. For more information read our Capital.com review here.

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