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Corporate currency specialists give businesses the best exchange rates and can save up to 4% on international payments compared to commercial bank accounts. 

Best business money transfer providers

In our guide, we explain how businesses can save money on their international payments as well as provide a comparison tool so you can compare the best business money transfer exchange rates.

Currencies Direct: Best for customer service

Currencies Direct can help control the cost of foreign exchange and expand your global reach with fast, low-cost, secure and reliable international payments and risk management.


  • Part of a larger group
  • Advice and personal service
  • Discounted exchange rates


  • No currency options

TorFX: Best for large currency transfers

TorFX can help with import/export payments, foreign payroll, overseas earnings to repatriate, sending money abroad and help hedge currency volatility by offering highly competitive exchange rates, no transfer fees, expert insight
and risk management guidance.


  • 24-month fx forwards
  • Part of a large group
  • Small minimum transfer


  • No currency options

Global Reach Partners: Best for business currency transfers

From SMEs to FTSE 100 companies Global Reach works with companies to understand the risks that could impact your business. Their experienced team will evaluate the extent of foreign exchange exposure, develop multi-currency hedging solutions that are aligned to your budget levels, or simply help streamline global supplier payments.


  • Commerical FX experts
  • Currency options
  • Two year currency forwards


  • High minimum transfer

Key Currency: Good personal service for businsses

As well as providing quick and easy payment solutions for businesses Key Currency can help active manage currency risk that can improve budgeting and protect profit margins against currency fluctuations.


  • Currency forwards
  • Bank-beating exchange rates
  • Manage currency risk


  • No currency options
  • Large commercial transfers only

OFX: Best for zero transaction fees

OFX helps businesses of all shapes and sizes and offers a Xero integrated multi-currency account that lets businesses pay and get paid in over 50 foreign currencies.


  • 55+ currencies
  • Currency forwards
  • Personal service and advice


  • No currency options
  • Better for larger transfers


We have chosen what we think are the best corporate currency brokers based on:

  • 20 years in the commercial currency brokerage industry
  • Interviews with the business money transfer provider CEOs and senior management
  • Over 17,000 votes in our annual awards
  • Analysis and testing of the platforms and pricing

What are corporate currency transfer specialists?

Money transfer companies offer exchange rates that are much better than banks and because they specialise in foreign exchange the process is much more user friendly.  Most established currency brokers do not charge a commission or any fee for paying the money to an international beneficiary.

How to compare business currency exchange & transfer rates?

The foreign exchange industry is very opaque in terms of pricing with some currency brokers still not offering fixed and transparent exchange rates.

So our comparison tables allow you to compare currency rates by showing how far from the mid market a currency broker set their client exchange rates.

Top Tip: Get your account open first, negotiate rates second. Why? All money transfer brokers have to conduct identity checks so opening an account can take some time.  Make sure you don’t miss a great exchange rate and get your account in place well ahead of a transaction.

Here are more tips before you make a large currency transfer.

Questions to ask when you compare currency exchange and transfers?

  1. How from from the mid market are your exchange rates
  2. Does that include all fees
  3. Do you offer currency forwards
  4. How long does a currency transfer take

Compare currency brokers and their fees in our comparison

What to avoid when you compare currency transfers & brokers.

Always ensure that a currency broker is registered with the FCA. You can check the FCA register here for authorised firms.

If a broker does not tell you how far their exchange rates are from the mid-market avoid as they may widen the price.

Always ensure that your currency exchange broker confirms that rates are fixed. You may find that when you compare currency rates you get a preferential rate for your first trade.

Tools to help you compare business exchange rates

The best way to compare a currency rate you have been given by a broker is to ask another one. If you fell that you are not getting the best currency exchange rate simply ask another broker what the rate you have been given is.

For currency broker transfer fees see our comparison table.

Where to find the benchmark rate to compare currency rates

You can find the live mid market exchange rates on site such as Google Finance or Yahoo Finance. To look up an exchange rate simple type the exchange rate you want to compare and search for it online.

Hedging business currency exposure with currency forwards

Here is a forward contract hedge example that demonstrates how a currency forward can be used.
In this example we will look at a UK based business who’s European subsidiary will be receiving EUR 750,000 for a new contract and how a FX forward can be used to hedge the exposure.

The EUR 750,000 will be main in monthly instalments over the next 12 months and is guaranteed revenue.

In this forward contract hedge example we will assume that the company has budgeted in their profit forecasts based on the current exchange rate so they need to hedge the EUR 750,000 exposure in case the GBPEUR rate moves against them.

  • This can be done by a series of currency forwards to settle in monthly intervals.
  • This means that each month the company will be able to convert EUR 62,500 into GBP at the exchange rate on the day the contract was signed.
  • Enabling them to accurately budget their profit forecasts.
  • If the exchange rate moves against them they do not have to worry about a decrease in profits.
  • However, as it is a hedge they will not benefit if the exchange rates moves in their favour over the course of the year.

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