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The Good Money Guide is a leading review and analysis site for financial service providers and listed companies. Our target audience is experienced and sophisticated investors, industry professionals, and institutional and professional traders. We produce quality guides, analysis and reviews for a highly targeted audience of active investors. Our audience is primarily based in the UK, with users in Europe, South Africa, Australia, Asia and America.

What companies can join?

Only locally regulated financial service providers and listed PLCs on recognised stock exchanges can join Good Money Guide. Once your company has joined, your membership will include the below:

Regulated Brokers

  • Review: We spend time understanding your product and message, in particular, what makes you different and produce an independent and balanced review page highlighting your brand’s key products and services.
  • Awards: Automatic entry into our Good Money Guide Awards, now in its seventh year.
  • Coverage: We want people to know what is going on with your company so will cover all your product and corporate updates.
  • Comparison: You can upgrade and be included in our comparison tables which rank at the top of Google searches
  • Interviews: A CEO interview giving the opportunity to sell directly to potential clients doing their research on your brand

Listed PLCs

  • CEO Interview: We can visit your offices with a camera crew to put a face to your business and record a CEO interview to explain what your company does.
  • Analysis: Our expert analysts will research and highlight what your company does, so traders can make informed investment decisions.
  • Conference: You can present to the London Investor Show’s “meet the company” audience.
  • Coverage: We want people to know what is going on with your company so we will cover your RNS, results, product and corporate updates.
  • Video: We can feature your company in regular video updates so you can update your investor base with interviews around your news releases.

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Please note that membership is at our discretion and purchasing a subscription does not guarantee inclusion. 

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