Leif Abraham, Public.com’s co-founder & co-CEO on why they are launching in the UK

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Leif Abraham, the co-founder and co-CEO of public.com tells us why they have set their “site” on the UK as their first international expansion target.

Public.com is one of the new breed of zero commission brokers that has grown rapidly in the US, so we find out what they are going to offer UK investors and more about Leif himself.

In this interview we discuss:

  • Why expand in the UK?
  • What Public.com’s ideal customer is?
  • How they make money?
  • If they are planning on introducing UK stocks, bonds, funds, ISAs, pensions and high risk products.
  • Where the domain came from and how important is it as a brand?
  • Leif’s best and worst moments of running the business so far.
  • Landing celeb investors

Plus some quick fire questions including:

  1. Ford or Tesla
  2. Netflix or Comcast
  3. Stocks or bonds
  4. Desktop or app investing
  5. His first, best and worst investment
  6. Favourite finance movie
  7. Favourite financial book or website
  8. His one tip to be a better investor

Leif Abraham is co-Founder & co-CEO of Public.com

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