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If anyone thought that 2017 was an outrageous year for shock announcements and results, there may be more to come in 2018.

Prime broker Saxo, one of the leading Forex and DMA CFD broker, that caters to semi-professional and professional clients have released their “Outrageous Predictions for 2018”.

It’s well worth a read if you are looking for events that may move the markets next year.

You can download the 2018 SAXO Outrageous Predictions PDF here for free

Saxo expanded on the point of the predictions in a release to clients:

Saxo Bank’s Outrageous Predictions are 10 independent calls on events that can upset global markets or politics. They are strategic in nature rather than an exercise in getting everything right and our aim is to encourage alternative thinking.

We think 2018 has high odds of being an outrageous year for markets, especially seeing that excess complacency may have built a pent-up bubble of volatility. Safe to say, if any of our predictions see the light of day, the world will feel like a new place.

Some of the predictions covered are:

  • Fed loses independence as US Treasury takes charge
    • Treasury enacts 2.5% yield cap after massive spike
  • Bank of Japan loses control of its monetary policy
    • USDJPY rises to 150 and then collapses to 100
  • China issues CNY-denominated oil futures contract
  • Petro-renminbi surges, USDCNY below 6.0
    • Volatility spikes on sudden S&P 500 ‘flash crash’
  • S&P 500 drops 25% in spectacular plunge
    • US voters push left in 2018 mid-terms, bonds spike
  • US 30-year Treasury yields rip beyond 5%
    • ‘Austro-Hungarians’ launch hostile EU takeover
  • EURUSD to 1.00 after hitting new highs
    • Investors flee Bitcoin as governments strike back
  • Bitcoin @ $1,000
    • South Africa resurgent after ‘African Spring’
  • ZAR gains 30% versus EM currencies
    • Tencent topples Apple as market cap king
  • Tencent shares gain 100%
    • Women take the reins of corporate power

For more information on the strategists you can find them on Linkedin with the below links:

Steen Jakobsen / Chief Economist
John J Hardy / Head of Forex strategy
Ole S Hansen / Head of Commodity strategy
Kay Van-Petersen / Global Macro strategist
Jacob Pouncey / Cryptocurrency Analyst
Peter Garnry / Head of Equity strategy
Christopher Dembik / Head of Macro Analysis

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