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Overall we rate InvestEngine as a very good investing platform with a GMG rating of 4 stars and excellent customer feedback of 4.8 stars from over 400 client reviews.

InvestEngine Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 586 reviews)
Very good12%

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InvestEngine Expert Review

InvestEngine Review

Name: InvestEngine

Description: InvestEngine is a low cost ETF investment platform that lets you buy around 600 exchange traded funds with zero commission. They also have a managed ETF investment service, for those that want help with what to invest in.

Is InvestEngine any good?

Yes, InvestEngine is a good way to buy ETFs. InvestEngine makes it really simple to get started by investing in ETFs with zero commission, although the market range is a bit limited if you are looking for more complex asset classes. Plus, they also have a managed service for those that want an expert to build a diverse portfolio of ETFs for them.


  • Fractional ETF investing
  • Zero commission ETFs
  • Managed ETF portfolio service


  • Limited to ETFs
  • Early stage company
  • Pricing
  • Market Access
  • Platform & App
  • Customer Service
  • Research & Analysis

I’ve never had any doubts about InvestEngine as an investment account, but in the past, I’ve always been a little worried about new “free” or very low-cost investing accounts. In particular, because investing is a very complex business and the last thing you need to worry about is your investment platform going bust.

But, InvestEngine is doing great business at the moment. I recently saw Andrew Prosser (who incidentally collected InvestEngine’s award for Best ETF investing Platform in 2023) at the London Trader Show talk about their growth. And the good news is that they now look after more client money than ever and around 35% of that is in InvestEngine’s managed ETF account. This means that as well as you are able to make money by investing in ETFs through their free account.

InvestEngine Ratings Explained:

  • Pricing: Top marks as it is actually free to buy and hold ETFs in a GIA and ISA (although keep in mind you have to pay ETF charges to the exchange). Plus, the SIPP and managed accounts are very low cost too.
  • Market Access: InvestEngine only offer about 600 ETFs on their platform so are marked down a bit here. However, they do offer enough to build a diverse portfolio of exchange-traded funds.
  • Platform & App: Both are well built and easy to use, intuitive and cross-device.
  • Customer Service:  Easy to contact through chat (even on weekends) plus an active community board. No published phone number on the site though.
  • Research & Analysis: A bit on the blog, but they are more insights, with a fairly active social channel (mainly investing tips or product highlights).

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InvestEngine Managed Portfolios

Watch as we chat to Andrew Prosser, the Head of Investments at InvestEngine about their managed portfolios for investors who don’t have the knowledge or experience to invest themselves.

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InvestEngine Facts & Figures

⬜ Public Company✔️
👉 Number Active Clients38,000
💰 Minimum Deposit£100
💸 Client Funds£390m
📅 Founded2019
Account Costs
👉 Investment Account
👉 Stocks & Shares ISA
👉 Junior ISA
👉 Lifetime ISA
Dealing Costs
👉 UK Shares
👉 US Stocks
👉 ETFs
👉 Bonds
👉 Funds

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InvestEngine won our award for best ETF investment platform in 2023

YouTube video

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Half a billion AUM milestone

InvestEngine, recently reached a major milestone, surpassing a figure of £500 million in assets under management or AUM.

This achievement is driven at least in part by a +70.0% increase in assets at the firm, over the past four months, highlighting the platform’s impressive growth trajectory.

One of the key factors behind InvestEngine’s rapid growth is the increasing demand for ETF and index investing among UK private clients, something we highlighted at larger rivals Hargreaves Lansdown earlier this week.

ETFs, or Exchange-Traded Funds, are designed to track the performance of specific indices, sectors, investment themes and styles, such as growth or value.

Why are ETFs so popular?

ETFs have proved highly popular with investors for several reasons:

ETFs can provide instant diversification to a portfolio, they are usually liquid and can be traded just like stocks and shares. Plus

ETFs often have lower fees than rival mutual funds and other collectives, making them very appealing to cost-conscious investors.

InvestEngine has made a name for itself thanks to a user-friendly platform that simplifies ETF investing.

The firm currently offers investors access to over 620 ETFs drawn from providers like Vanguard, iShares, Invesco, and JP Morgan.

InvestEngine’s commission-free trading structure and automated investing features have been a big draw and the firm amassed more than 50,000 customers.

Pensions & Savings

In addition to its core ETF investing platform, InvestEngine has expanded its offerings to include self-invested personal pension (SIPP) accounts and a regular savings plan.

The SIPP accounts allow individuals to take control of their retirement planning, while the Savings Plan enables automated, regular investments to help build long-term wealth more efficiently.


With the global ETF market projected to grow to over $20 trillion in AUM by 2026, according to data from, PWC, the future looks bright for both InvestEngine and the wider ETF investing space.

However growing a business in ETFs is one thing, monetizing it over the long term, is quite another.

It remains to be seen if a commission-free model can deliver the necessary critical mass, and or, revenues and profitability.

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