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More and more companies are turning to corporate credit cards as a way of streamlining their buying process. For many employees, spending money will be part of their day-to-day tasks and, with a corporate credit card, they can avoid the hassle and the paperwork that goes along with submitting expense claims.

Best business credit cards for small businesses

Alternatively, a good corporate credit card can help small business owners to manage their cash flow. With that in mind, we’ve taken a look at the top three corporate credit card deals currently available.

Three of the top corporate credit card deals at the moment

1. Metro Bank Business Credit Card

With a relatively low APR of 13%, the Metro Bank business credit card doesn’t have an annual fee, making it ideal if you’re just starting out. If you do a lot of business abroad, the business credit card from Metro Bank also offers free transactions in most European countries. Outside of Europe you can expect to pay a 2.75% fee calculated based on the purchase price. Cash withdrawals outside of Europe are charged at 2.75% plus £1.50. Metro Bank also allow users to make transfers from other business credit cards, up to a maximum of 75% of their Metro Bank limit.

2. HSBC commercial card

If you already bank with HSBC, the process of obtaining a HSBC commercial card is fairly swift. All you need is a business current account and HSBC will take it from there. Their corporate credit card is free for the first year and £32 a year after that. The APR is fairly competitive at 22% and owners of the card can be sure that they’ll have zero liability should any transactions be processed without their authority. HSBC also give you the option of having multiple cards, so should you have a buying department or employees who need access to company funds, you can ensure they each get a commercial card.

3. Clydesdale Bank Business Credit Card

The corporate credit card offering from Clydesdale Bank comes with 22.4% APR and no fee for the first year. Once the first 12 months are up, the annual fee is set at £28. Outside of that the offering is fairly standard, features include up to 59 days interest free credit on all purchases and SmartData, which lets you keep track of your spending thanks to tracking and reporting. Users can also set alerts to help them stay on top of card expenditure.

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