How to trade Dropbox (DBX) if you’re not an American

If you want to trade Dropbox, but don’t live stateside, here’s a quick breakdown of how and where to trade Dropbox shares.

I was going to do a brief summary about what Dropbox is and what it does, but I’ll assume you already know so won’t bore you with the tedium of a repetitive introduction. Instead, here’s a screen shot from Stockopedia with the highlight’s. Incidentally, Stockopedia is an excellent resource of fundamental data on US Stocks, well worth a poke about.

Here’s how to buy and trade Dropbox shares

  • Spreadbetting – Spread betting allows you to trade on margin and bet on the price either going up or down. You bet a certain amount per cent the stock moves. Profits are free of capital gains tax too.
  • CFD Trading – CFD trading is pretty much the same as spread betting, but if your account is big enough you can get Direct Market Accounts which means you can work orders inside the bid offer. You have to pay tax on profits through.
  • Buying the actual stock – both spread betting and CFD trading are risky because you are trading on leverage> If you just want to buy some Dropbox stock and hold, then a traditional stockbroker who provides access to US stocks is what you need.

You can compare all the best brokers for trading and buying Dropbox stock in our comparison tables but here is a quick breakdown of the three brokers that are regulated by the FCA, established and offer access to trading Dropbox.

Where to buy and trade Dropbox shares

  1. IG – the biggest spread betting and CFD broker in the world. They also offer stock broking on US shares so you can buy or trade Dropbox in anyway you want with an IG account. They also offer DMA.
  2. Saxo – a semi professional broker that provides excellent support to experienced traders looking to trade a broad spectrum of assets. Saxo, has one of the wides market offering, including US equities and US options.
  3. ETX Capital – a good all round spread betting and CFD broker. ETX have a simple to use trading platform that will let you trade Dropbox.


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