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Over 12,000 global stocks, funds and ETFs yourself or get an expertly built portfolio that’s right for your risk profile with IG Smart Portfolios Invest in UK shares from £3, US shares for free, 0.5% on currency conversions. £24 per quarter, charged if you hold share dealing or ISA investments at the end of the quarter. Visit IG

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Hargreaves Lansdown

8 000 global stocks and shares, 2500+ funds available (UK and global stocks) Start ISA from £100, annual charge for holding investments in an HL Stocks and Shares ISA is never more than 0.45% (capped at £45 per year), to sell shares - £1.5 per deal, no charge to sell funds Visit HL

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Nutmeg Investments "Wide range of stocks and funds (UK stocks) 1800 ETFs " "Fixed allocation portfolios Nutmeg fee 0.45% up to £100k, 0.25% beyond, incl. VAT per annum Fully managed portfolios Nutmeg fee 0.75% up to £100k, 0.35% beyond, incl. VAT per annum Socially responsible portfolios Nutmeg fee 0.75% up to £100k, 0.35% beyond, incl. VAT per annum Average investment fund costs, paid to fund providers: Fixed allocation 0.17% Fully managed 0.19% Socially responsible investments 0.32% Average effect of market spread of 0.06% per annum " Visit Nutmeg

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interactive investor

40,000 investment options (Shares, Unit trusts (funds), Investment trusts, Corporate and government bonds, Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) "A fair flat fee of £9.99 a month 1 free trade per month, (give back £7.99 credit every month to buy or sell any investment) £7.99 comission rate for all UK and US trades. Regular investing is free Fixed fee covers for multiple accounts (add a SIPP by 3 April 2020 and pay no SIPP fee until April 2021. Then just £10 a month extra)" II Reviews

AJ Bell "Stocks and shares (UK and 24 international markets) Over 2,000 funds (unit trusts and OEICs), investment trusts and ETFs" "Shares custody charge: 0.25% of the value of the shares, maximum £7.50 per quarter Funds custody charge: 0.25% on the first £250,000 of funds, 0.10% on the value between £250,000 and £1m, 0.05% on the value between £1m and £2m Buying and selling investments (per deal) £1.50 for Funds (including unit trusts and OEICs) online, £9.95 for Shares (including investment trusts, ETFs, gilts and bonds) online, £4.95 for Shares, where there were 10 or more online share deals in the previous month" AJ Bell Reviews

Bestinvest 2,500 funds, UK shares, investment trusts and ETFs No charge to open account or transfer investments, annual service fees are capped at 0.4% (or lower for bigger investments). It is free to buy and sell funds, and share dealing costs just £7.50 per trade. Bestinvest Reviews

Cavendish Over 3,500 funds, investment trusts and ETF's available Platform charge consists of the 0.20% FundsNetwork service fee and the 0.05% Cavendish Online ongoing fee. In addition you will pay a Fund Manager charge which will vary according to the fund/funds you wish to buy Cavandish Reviews

Charles Stanley

"3000 funds 17 000 UK and certain overseas shares, investment trusts and ETFs" Transfer in existing ISAs or start contributing today from as little as £50 per month or a £500 lump sum. Low platform fee starts at 0.35%. For fund holdings (OEICs and Unit Trusts) the charge can fall as low as 0.05% per annum. For shareholdings the maximum charge is £240 per annum. Share trading online fee: £11.50 each time for buying/selling shares Charles Stanley Reviews

Fidelity "Over 3,000 funds Large selection of UK shares, growing all the time Bonds, investment trusts and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) Ready-made investment solutions from our experts" "Service fee - 0.35% or less (depending on the total value of investments). Service fee is capped at £45 Ongoing fund charges are set by the companies who manage the funds and start from 0.06% £1.50 for deals as part of a regular savings or withdrawal plan, or for a reinvestment of income or a dividend Simple charge of £10.00 for each deal placed online Phone trades are charged £30.00 for each deal UK Stamp Duty of 0.5% applies when you buy UK shares" Fidelity Reviews


Over 2,000 funds, shares, ETFs and more "Account admin charge - £12.50 per year Real-time online trades - £12.50 dealing commission per trade Scheduled regular investments - £2 dealing commission per trade" Halifax Reviews


"3000+ shares (UK, US, Europe) 2,000 funds 564 ETFs 294 investment trusts" "£5 dealing commission per trade on UK and international trades No annual administration charges - just a one-off account opening charge of £25 when you open your account Dividend reinvestment purchases are charged per reinvestment at a flat rate of 2% based on the value of the dividend (maximum £5) Voiding of ISA - £25 Repair of ISA - £25 Paper copy of account statement (on request) -£12.50 CHAPS / Same day payment - £25" iWeb Reviews

Selftrade (now EQi)

"8000 stocks and shares (UK equities) Over 6000 funds from different geographical regions" "Custody fee - £17.49 per quarter for holding assets Dealing commission: Shares, Investment Trusts, Bonds, Gilts - £10.99 online and £27.50 for telephone Exchange Traded Products (including Exchange Traded Funds) - £9.99 online and £9.99 for telephone Mutual Fund (Unit Trust and OEICs) Sales - £10.99 online and £10.99 telephone Additional fee (from 0.3% to 0.95%) for international share trade value Stamp duty reserve tax - purchase of UK equities (0.5%), Purchase of Eurobonds (0.5%) Regular investment - £1.50 Dividend reinvestment - £1.50" eQi Reviews

The Share Centre

"1400 UK shares (FTSE 100, FTSE 250, AIM etc) 4300 funds, 120 platinum funds " £5.00 per month and a dealing option to suit Standard dealing option: Fixed account admin fee - £5 per month Dealing commission - £7.50 per deal for trades less than £750, 1% for £750 and above Dealing commission for phone/post/email £20 per deal for trades less than £2,000, 1% for £2,000 and above Stamp Duty Levy 0.5% on the purchase of UK shares (excluding AIM and other recognised growth markets). Other rates may apply to non-UK shares. PTM Levy £1 on transactions over £10,000 Regular investing - 0.5% (min. £1) Dividend reinvestment - 0.5% Statements & contract notes by post rather than email - £2.40 per month Transfer to another provider - £25 per account Deceased customer account administration - £100 Overdue fee charge - Sell stock (per investment) -£7.50 Share Centre Reviews


"30 000 shares from 36 exchanges, around the globe 62 funds 50 US ETFs" "Customer fees (capped at £125 per month): £4 per month min Or the sum of the following: Funds – 0.2% p.a. Other investments 0.1% p.a Online transaction fees: Funds - £3 per online transaction Other investments - £6 per online transaction All regular investments are £1 per transaction. Telephone transactions are £25 each" Barclays Reviews

Wealth Simple

"UK and international (Asia, North America) stocks Each of portfolios includes between 10 and up to 15 funds and each one represents a specific market" "Basic (deposit 0 - £100k) 0.7% fee Additional charges averaging 0.2% Black (deposit £100k+) 0.5% fee Additional charges averaging 0.2%" Wealth Simple Reviews


"Portfolios: UK and international stocks ETFs Government bonds Cash Credit Commodities & real estates " "On the first £10,000 - 0.75% per year On anything between £10,000 - £50,000 - 0.60% per year On anything between £50,000 - £100,000 - 0.50% per year On anything over £100,000 - 0.35% per year + average investment fund fees per year 0.20% + effect of market spread? per year up to 0.09%" MoneyFarm Reviews


75 individual funds – including ETFs, active funds and index funds "Account fee - 0.15% per year Fund charges - these are set by Vanguard and apply at the level of the particular fund(s) in which you invest and are also referred to as fund management costs. Transaction fees - fixed fee £7.50 Accelerated payments via CHAPS - £25 fee per payment Interest charge - 0.2%" Vanguard Reviews


Mix of investment plans (cautious, tentative plan, confident plan, ambitious plan, adventurous plan), UK and overseas "Wealthify fee - 0.60% Average investment costs - 0.22%" Wealthify Reviews

Legal and General

"60 UK and global funds UK stocks and shares " "No fees available publicly Withdrawal penalty can apply - 25%" Legal & General Reviews

"110 funds from low to high risk UK stocks & shares " "Entry charge - 4% Portfolio transaction costs - 0.09%" Scottish Friendly Reviews