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What does IG do?

IG are a financial spread betting, forex platform and CFD broker but also offers investment accounts.
You can trade over 17,000 different instruments via spread bets and CFDs for short term trading. IG also offer longer-term investment products online through general stocking accounts, SIPPs and stocks and shares ISA.

How much does IG cost?

Spreads for the major trading derivatives markets are competitive against peers, but not the cheapest with spreads on EURUSD from 1 pip, FTSE 100 from 1 point and 0.5 points on gold. For investment accounts, IG offer commission-free trading on US shares if you trade more than 3 times a month, and commission between £3 and £8 on UK shares. However, if you do not use your account for 24 months there is a monthly inactivity fee of £12. Guaranteed stop losses are free with IG.

Are IG a good broker?

Our experts rate IG as a five-star broker because they offer one of the most well established, comprehensive and competitive trading and investment services, with full FCA regulation and FSCS deposit protection. IG has a good reputation with both their clients and respected industry professionals. Our 2020 review explains in detail what makes IG stand out from other brokers.

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IG Review Scores: Expert Ratings

Account Types 9/1090%
Market Coverage 9.5/1095%
Trading Platforms 9/10100%
Spread Costs & Margin Rates 8/1080%
Ease of Use 9/1090%
History & Reliability 10/10100%
Safety & Regulation 9/1090%
Customer Support & Satisfaction 9/1087%
Account Opening & Funding 8/1080%
Research & Tools 9/1090%
Overall Score

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76% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs with this provider.

What do clients think of IG?

The below data is taken from the average weighted scores of over 250 traders and 3,200 investors who completed our Good Money Guide Awards survey in which brokers asked their clients to rank their services against peers.

IG 2020 Review Client Satisfaction Levels

84% of clients would RECOMMEND IG to a friend84%
75% of clients are satisfied with IG's FEES & COSTS75%
86% of clients are satisfied with IG's MARKET COVERAGE86%
88% of clients are satisfied with IG's TRADING PLATFORM88%
75% of clients are satisfied with IG's MARGIN RATES75%
88% of clients find IG EASY TO USE88%
84% of clients are satisfied with IG's RELIABILITY84%
90% of clients trust IG to safeguard their FUNDS90%
82% of clients are satisfied with IG's CUSTOMER SUPPORT82%
82% of clients are satisfied with IG's EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL82%
86% of clients are satisfied with IG's TRADING TOOLS?86%

IG Client Reviews

Here's what users have to say about them. If you've used them leave a review to vote in our Awards for a chance to win £1,000 in Amazon Vouchers.

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Average rating:  
 15 reviews
Dec 16, 2020
by Emis on IG
Online Platform (out of 5 stars): 4
Customer Service (out of 5 stars): 3
Fees & Pricing (out of 5 stars): 1

They charge their commission two times on the same trade! You buy lets say 1 stock worth 1000$ they charge 15$, you sell it- again 15$. Are you crazy? I have not checked so lost some money until noticed.

Aug 14, 2020
by Gildas on IG
Online Platform (out of 5 stars): 5
Customer Service (out of 5 stars): 5
Fees & Pricing (out of 5 stars): 5

it is a great company offering an amazing product, always in front in terms of offering and technology

Aug 14, 2020
by Dehua on IG
Online Platform (out of 5 stars): 1
Customer Service (out of 5 stars): 3
Fees & Pricing (out of 5 stars): 1

I have been trading on IG Singapore for almost 10 years. Unfortunately they started to become more disappointing since about 2 years ago. This gives me the feeling that they have shifted their focus onto how to scoop more money from things from their clients, e.g. readjusting the spreads, the interests, etc. instead of growing with clients through better customer support.

Since the system upgrade, they have been displaying the figures incorrectly on their app - fristly, they are unable to self-examine/test; secondly, half a year after i sent in feedback with screenshots of such display on their app, they are still unable to rectify it.

Things like this would you make you doubt your confidence in their other capabilities in serving their clients. And such worries are proven. For example, i called their helpline for 3 days and was unable to speak to anyone. I subsequently sent them a number of emails, but received ZERO reply! I then called and texted one of their managers and was told that he felt sorry to hear that but could not do much about it either.

Some of the configurations on the app are confusing too. Such confusions are like traps that make you make COSTLY mistakes easily.

In short, IG is deteriorating over the recent years. I was a satisfied client for many years. I am turned away by their poor system upgrade and deteriorated customer support.

IG fees are certainly on the high side compared to other platforms in the market. If they provide better customer support, I would feel it's worthy. However, in the past two years, IG has been taking more money from their clients while customer support has been reducing.

May 6, 2020
by Darren Fox on IG
Online Platform (out of 5 stars): 4
Customer Service (out of 5 stars): 1
Fees & Pricing (out of 5 stars): 1

This company charges way too much for overnight fees , Its not really worth trading with them and when markets are volatile they raise their commission too . You cannot get hold of them by phone at all unless you are trying to signup then miraculously they are available , I am dubious about the reviews on here I think the 5 star one could be fake . RIPOFF

Response From IG: Hi Darren, thanks for your review and sorry to hear you’re unhappy with our service.Whilst IG have kept their overnight admin charges the same, market conditions have recently caused an increase in overnight adjustments made on some commodities such as oil. It’s important to note that this increase is not due to higher charges, but the adjustment we make due to our pricing model for spot commodities. More information on overnight funding can be found on the link below.https://www.ig.com/uk/help-and-support/spread-betting-and-cfds/fees-and-charges/why-is-overnight-funding-charged-and-how-is-it-calculated- Similarly, our commission fees have not changed. With most of our leveraged products we make money from the spread. Fluctuation in the spread depends on the underlying market movement. During periods of high volatility, there is a higher chance of the underlying spread widening and when this happens it is also reflected in our prices.For some markets we do offer future/ forward contracts which have a slightly wider spread and an expiry date but they're not subject to overnight funding, this is often a more cost effective option for longer term trades.Given the significant increase in market volatility we are also experiencing a higher number of inbound calls which is why you may have experienced longer queue times. We’re working hard to get through these as quickly as possible but do apologise for the inconvenience.Our primary aim is to provide the highest level of deal execution we possibly can and support you in your trading. We want our clients to trade profitably, and we’ve invested heavily in allowing all clients to do that – especially over periods of increased market volatility. As our client, it is in our interest to support you on this.We hope this offers some clarity, however should you wish to discuss any of these topics further, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of our client facing team.

Apr 2, 2020
by Nuri on IG
Online Platform (out of 5 stars): 5
Customer Service (out of 5 stars): 4
Fees & Pricing (out of 5 stars): 5

it is a great company offering an amazing product, always in front in terms of offering and technology

Feb 28, 2020
by Alex Jones on IG
Online Platform (out of 5 stars): 5
Customer Service (out of 5 stars): 5
Fees & Pricing (out of 5 stars): 5

Best platform to use, fast entry and exit. I usually use Spread betting just for the tax benefits and not the leverage.

Aug 10, 2019
by Mr Smith on IG
Online Platform (out of 5 stars): 4
Customer Service (out of 5 stars): 3
Fees & Pricing (out of 5 stars): 4

IG is NOT an options trading platform. It is a spreadbetting / CFD platform. You can only take out CFDs or place spread bets with IG. You never actually own the options that the CFD or spread bet is based on. You are basically just betting on variations in the price of the option.

There are very few advantages to doing this. As option prices vary with the underlying, you may as well just bet on the underlying instead. Betting on the option instead just introduces another layer of complexity.

Jun 20, 2019
by Saleem Akbar on IG
Online Platform (out of 5 stars): 5
Customer Service (out of 5 stars): 3
Fees & Pricing (out of 5 stars): UK

I have been with IG for many years, the main reason being I really like their charting software. However, since they have reduced leverage, after the European directive, their spreads have become even wider, probably to make up for the fact that one is forced to use smaller trade sizes. The worse thing currently about IG is the spreads that they apply to Indices and Equities. If they can reduce their spreads then I think it would be the best online broker for sure.

May 2, 2019
by Nicos Dem on IG
Online Platform (out of 5 stars): 5
Customer Service (out of 5 stars): 5
Fees & Pricing (out of 5 stars): 5

Super satisfied from IG

Apr 30, 2019
by Pawel on IG
Online Platform (out of 5 stars): 5/5
Customer Service (out of 5 stars): 5/5
Fees & Pricing (out of 5 stars): 5/5


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Client Satisfaction

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76% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs with this provider.

What's in this IG review? show

IG Key Features

Number of:
Total Markets17,000
Forex Pairs51
UK Stocks3925
US Stocks6352
Broker specifics
2019 Revenue£476,900,00
Number Active Clients178,000
Minimum Deposit£250.00
Inactivity Fee£12 per month
FX Retails Spreads
EUR/USD Euro vs US Dollar0.6
GBP/USD British pound vs US dollar0.9
USD/JPY US Dollar vs Japanese Yen0.7
EUR/GBP Euro vs British Pound0.9
AUD/USD Australian Dollar vs US Dollar0.6
USD/CAD US Dollar vs Canadian Dollar1.3
USD/CHF US Dollar vs Swiss Franc1.5
NZD/USD NZ Dollar vs US Dollar0.18
EUR/JPY Euro vs Japanese Yen0.15
EUR/AUD Euro vs Australian Dollar0.15
FX Retail Margins
EUR/USD Euro vs US Dollar30:1
GBP/USD British pound vs US dollar30:1
USD/JPY US Dollar vs Japanese Yen30:1
EUR/GBP Euro vs British Pound30:1
AUD/USD Australian Dollar vs US Dollar20:1
USD/CAD US Dollar vs Canadian Dollar30:1
USD/CHF US Dollar vs Swiss Franc30:1
NZD/USD NZ Dollar vs US Dollar20:1
EUR/JPY Euro vs Japanese Yen30:1
EUR/AUD Euro vs Australian Dollar20:1
Commodity Spreads
WTI crude (oil)0.28
Brent crude (oil)0.28
Natural Gas0.3
Copper (comex)0.2
Gasoline RBOB30
Steelnot quoted
Commodity Margins
WTI crude (oil)10:1
Brent crude (oil)10:1
Natural Gas10:1
Gasoline RBOB10:1
Steelnot quoted
Index Spreads
Dow Jones Industrials Average (US 30)2.4
Standard & Poor’s 500 (S&P 500)0.4
Nasdaq (Composite and Nasdaq 100)1
Dow Jones Industrials (DJIA)not quoted
UK FTSE 100 (FTSE 100)1
CAC 40 (France 40)1
DAX (Germany 30)1.2
Euro Stoxx 50 (Euro 50)1.5
Japan 225 (Nikkei 225)7
Hong Kong (Hang Seng Index)5
Index Margins
Dow Jones Industrials Average (US 30)20:1
Standard & Poor’s 500 (S&P 500)20:1
Nasdaq (Composite and Nasdaq 100)20:1
Dow Jones Industrials (DJIA)not quoted
UK FTSE 100 (FTSE 100)20:1
CAC 40 (France 40)20:1
DAX (Germany 30)20:1
Euro Stoxx 50 (Euro 50)20:1
Japan 225 (Nikkei 225)20:1
Hong Kong (Hang Seng Index)10:1
UK Stock Spreads
BT Group0.10%
International Conolidated Airlines0.10%
BAE Systems0.10%
Barratt Developments0.10%
Vodafone Group0.10%
Micro Focus International0.10%
UK Stock Margins
BT Group5:1
International Consolidated Airlines4:1
BAE Systems5:1
Barratt Developments5:1
Vodafone Group5:1
Micro Focus International5:1
US Stock Spreads
Advanced micro Devices0.10%
Overstock.comnot quoted
Boeingnot quoted
Ubernot quoted
Abbvienot quoted
Snap incnot quoted
US Stock Margins
Advanced micro Devices5:1
Twitternot quoted
Overstock.comnot quoted
Boeingnot quoted
Ubernot quoted
Abbvienot quoted
Snap incnot quoted
Overnight Financing Rates
Forex (tom next plus or minus )0.00220%
Commoditiesvariable + daily admin fee of 0.0068%
UK StocksLibor +/-2.50%
US StocksUS Libor +/-2.50%
Cryptocurrenciesvariable 12.5 to 20% pa see here

IG Account Types

IG offers the most comprehensive access to a varied spread of accounts on the market. Their spread betting, CFD trading and forex exchanges are amongst the most established of any broker and popular with over 178,000 traders worldwide.

Spread Betting✔️
Options❌ (but you can trade options as a spread bet or CFD)
Professional Accounts✔️
DMA (Direct Market Access)✔️
APIs & Algo Trading✔️

Why IG Scores 90 For Account Types

IG offers the most comprehensive access to a varied spread of accounts on the market. Their spread betting, CFD trading and forex exchanges are amongst the most established of any broker and popular with over 178,000 traders worldwide.

Anytime trading and investing with IG

IG offers 26 global indices around the clock and makes markets in a more select list over the weekend. There may be short trading breaks in some products.

Elsewhere IG matches exchange hours in individual equities, and they offer out of hours trading on 70 leading US equities.

As a general rule IG is open for business from 9pm on Sunday for Forex (11 pm for other markets) until 10 pm on the following Friday.

Note that these hours may vary around UK and US holidays. Information about the trading hours of individual products can be found on the trading platform under the deal ticket, market info tab.


IG has one of the widest CFD offerings of all the CFD brokers. Based on traded volumes excluding Forex IG is the largest CFD broker in the world.

Spread Betting

IG pioneered financial spread betting in 1974 and as with CFD trading are the largest financial spread betting broker in the world. IG has one of the most comprehensive spread betting offerings and constantly evolves it's offering. The spread betting platform regularly adds new features and tools.


According to the 2019 Investment Trends report, IG are the UK's largest retail forex trading platform. IG offers forex trading over the phone, online and on mobile platforms.


IG does not offer on-exchange futures contracts for trading, but we have given them a score as the CFD and spread bet products they offer allow traders to speculate on the underlying futures contracts via CFDs and spread bets. If you want to trade on exchange futures,  you need a futures broker like Saxo Capital Markets.


IG offers options trading as a CFD or spread bet, you cannot trade on-exchange options contract, although IGs prices do mirror the on-exchange contracts. This is the same for other CFD brokers like CMC Markets, however, if you want to trade on exchange-listed options you need an options broker like Saxo Capital Markets.

Professional Accounts

IG, offer professional accounts for traders that satisfy the criteria. IG will ask for proof to ensure that only appropriate traders are upgraded from retail to professional status.

DMA (Direct Market Access)

IG are one of the few spread betting and CFD brokers to offer DMA trading. Unlike CMC Markets, which just offers Forex DMA, IG offer Direct Market Access CFD trading and level 2 pricing.


As well as offering trading through spread betting, forex and CFDs IG also offers investment accounts. Investing is of course different to trading as it focuses on long term capital growth rather than short term speculation.

Types of investment account offered by IG

Share Dealing

With IG's standard share dealing account you can invest in thousands of UK and international shares and ETFs. Investing in US shares is commission-free as IG will make money on the currency conversion of GBP to USD of 1%.

IG Smart Portfolios

IG smart portfolios automatically build a portfolio of investments based on your investment goals and risk profile. Smart Portfolios are cheaper than traditional wealth managers as they are automated, but you don't get the personal advice you would with an experienced investment adviser.

Flexible ISAs

With the IG flexible stocks and shares ISA you can invest in anything you would be able to with the IG share dealing account, but you do so within in tax-free ISA wrapper so you don't have to pay capital gains tax.


The IG allows you to invest in a SIPP (self-invested personal pension) as you would with the share dealing account or build a Smart Portfolio whilst you take control of your retirement funds on a self-directed basis.


IG has a large institutional client base and provides services to large brands like Hargreaves Lansdown (HL Markets). They also have a prime brokerage division for institutional business.

APIs & Algo Trading

IG also allows sophisticated traders, professional and institutional to tap into its liquidity and trade direct through API through IG labs. The dealing desks can run algorithmic orders over the phone or clients can set up their own.

About The Author

Account Types

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76% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs with this provider.

IG Market Coverage

IG offers several routes to market. IG clients can trade more than 17,000 different instruments and IG also offers its clients a choice of margin trading, through CFDs, or Spread Betting. With spread betting offering potential tax advantages for individual UK taxpayers.

Total Markets17,000
Forex Pairs51
UK Stocks3,925
US Stocks6,352

Why IG Score 95 For Market Coverage

How many markets can you trade with IG?


IG, has very wide market coverage for shares trading, in the UK and abroad. Compared to other brokers like CMC Markets, you can trade small-cap stocks, although not as small as on offer by Spreadex. You can trade a wide variety of global brands on competitive margin rates of 5:1 or greater if you qualify as a professional client.


In FX, IG offers its clients more than 85 individual pairs and crosses from across the most popular major forex pairs, minor and exotic currency groupings.


Indices remain one of IG’s most popular products and the company makes a market in 81 leading equity indices for CFDs and 69 for spread betting. These include the FTSE100, the DAX 30, S&P 500, Dow 30 and Nasdaq 100. In many instances, IG offers the longest trading coverage in these instruments every week, when compared to its peers. For more information on index trading read our guide to the top ten indices for trading.


Among IG’s markets are continuous prices in 10 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. Bitcoin Cash, Stellar (XLM), NEO and EOS are also offered. These are some of the most actively traded cryptocurrencies whose prices move regularly ,providing frequent trading opportunities for IG clients. IG provides comprehensive guides to cryptocurrencies and their blockchains.


IG offers trading on 27 of the most popular commodities for trading with some very competitive pricing.

Spread betting dailyCFDs dailyMT4 dailySpread betting futuresCFDs futures
Spot Gold0.
Spot Silver (5000oz)22233
Oil - US Crude2.82.82.866
Oil - Brent Crude2.82.82.86*6*
Chicago wheat0.60.6n/a11
London sugar0.60.6n/a0.80.8


There is a wide range of interest rates and bonds to trade with IG via CFD or spread bets. You can also buy bonds for income with the IG investment account.


With IG you can either speculate on ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) with spread betting or CFDs, or invest in them for the long term with an investment account. For a more thorough comparison of ETF providers please take a look at our ETF broker comparison table.


You can trade IPOs with IG. You can get them pre-market as an investor, or bet on the first days trading outcome with IG's Grey Market pricing

IG Weekend Trading

You can also trade some indices and currency pairs on the weekend. The wide range of markets available at IG means that clients should always be able to find something of interest to trade. This choice of markets means that in periods of market volatility you can find the right instruments to hedge a portfolio, or to use to take advantage of market gyrations.


Market Coverage

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76% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs with this provider.

IG Trading Platforms

Web Based 10/10100%
Desktop 9/1090%
Indicators 9/1090%
Order Types 9/1090%
Signals 8/1080%
Community 10/10100%
Client Sentiment 9/1090%
Mobile & Tablet Apps 10/10100%
MT4 8/1080%
Voice & Telephone Trading 10/10100%

Why IG Score 92 For Their Trading Platforms

Web-Based & Desktop Platforms

With IG's trading platform you can instantly see a summary of market prices, spreads, margin rates with a clear and easy to view layout.

IG offers platforms on mobile phones (app-based trading), dedicated trading signals and alerts, APIs, MT4, ProRealTime and Algorithmic trading.

One of the main benefits of the IG trading platform is the low latency trading with the average execution time of 0.014 seconds this allowed IG to process and execute over 86 million trades during 2019.

You can set price alerts to trigger when a market touches your price, moves by a certain percentage or matches pre-set technical indicators.

If you’re looking to trade using a particular currency you can choose the base currency of your account to reduce currency conversion rate charges.

There is also a feature that allows you to automatically trade through setting orders to open with limit and stop open orders which can be set to expire at a specific date or correspond to another position.

The IG trained platform allows you to mitigate risk and protect your profits with a range of stop-loss and limit order features – including guaranteed stops.

The only reason IG doesn't score 10/10 for it's desktop trading is that the platform is web based with no installable option.

Trading Platform Video Walkthrough


The IG trading platform comes with plenty of technical indicators that can be built around technical analysis.

Order Types

Compared to smaller brokers like ETX Capital and Plus 500, IG offers quite a few different order types. The standard, market, limit and stop losses - but also algo orders, stop entry orders and hedging.


IG has PIA trading signals built into the trading platform so there is a constant stream of technical trading signals being generated.


There is a large community of traders and support staff on both the platform and website.

Client Sentiment

IG provides access to the sentiment data of its client base. The sentiment data cannot be broken down as it can be with CMC Markets, who publish what their winning clients are doing (rather than everyone). If IG offered that facility they would score full marks.

Mobile & Tablet Apps

Access IG anywhere with their mobile app. IG’s in house trading platform is available as a fully functioning app for both iOS and Android devices (which run Android version 5.0 or later).

These are available in the respective app stores, search IG trading to find them.

You can monitor the markets by using the apps and your account, look at charts, place deals and receive trade signals and price alerts via email, SMS or push notifications.

IG Mobile Apps

The app allows you to quickly access your account with Touch ID on iPhones.


As with all brokers like CMC Markets and Saxo Capital Markets, who also have their own proprietary trading platforms, IG also offers MT4. You can compare IG's MT4 offering to other brokers in our MT4 broker comparison table. As IG isn't a full on MT4 broker, rather it offers it as a me too option, they don't score full marks. However, IG's MT4 offering is still considerably better than most other brokers.

Voice & Telephone Trading

IG maintains dealing desks so that clients who would rather trade over the phone can do so. This is an important option for larger clients or for those with a more complex multi-leg or strategy orders who want to put the risk on IG rather than take it on themselves.

Test IG with a free demo account

IG offers demos accounts for both Spread Betting and CFDs you can apply to try an IG demo account.

Signing up for an IG demo account could be a good way to familiarise yourself with IG’s dealing platforms and the markets they offer, without risking any real money and when ready, you can make the move to live trading.

Demo accounts can also be a good place to test trading and investing strategies before risking your own, real money.

Can you scalp with IG?

In theory yes you can scalp using IG Group, as they don't charge commission on CFDs or Spread Bets on indices.

Retail customers don’t pay commission on rolling spot FX trades.

The offset is that spreads maybe a little wider than you might find elsewhere, but not prohibitively so.

Trading Platforms

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76% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs with this provider.

Why IG Score 80 For Spread Costs & Margin Rates

Many of IG’s products and markets are offered to clients commission-free, clients instead pay the spread that IG makes in its two-way price but this does depend on where you live and how often you trade.

Wall Street2.45%
US Stocks0.10%20%
UK Shares0.10%20%
Crude Oil0.2810%

Wall Street

IG are not the cheapest broker for trading Wall Street, Plus 500 and Spreadex offer slightly tighter spreads. However, IG does have lower dealing costs than CMC Markets.

FTSE 100

IG (as with most brokers offer 1 point spreads) on the FTSE. Again they are not the cheapest Fineco and XTB are a little cheaper compared to IG for trading the UK 100 index.

US Stocks

For physical US stocks commission on US shares can be as low as £0 if you have made more than 3 trades in the previous month and is charged at £10 if you’ve only made 0-2 trades in the last month. Trading via the phone is more expensive, with a minimum charge of £50 per trade on US shares.

UK Shares

For physical trades on UK shares for investing commission is £8 for 0-2 trades in the previous month but this will drop to £3 if you made 3+ trades in the previous month. The minimum phone charges for UK shares are £40.

Crude Oil

IG offers margin rates of 1.5% for crude oil trading, which is daily inline with other retail CFD and spread betting brokers. Spreads are a little higher than most at 2.8 points compared to Saxo Capital Markets, but IG are still cheaper for trading crude oil than CMC Markets and Spreadex.


IG, even though they do offer cryptocurrency trading are cautious with it. As IG doesn't really bet against their clients, it's in their interest to keep crypto trading light to stop their clients from losing too much money on very volatile markets.


IG is cheaper for trading gold than eToro, and mostly inline with other spread betting and CFD brokers.


For the major forex pairs, IG is in line with the discounted spreads from other major brokers.

How does IG make money?

IG makes most of its money through the trading activity of its clients, of which it has around 178,000 worldwide.

When they are active IG looks to capture the spread, or the difference between the bid and ask prices, in their trades.

The more two-way trade there is in a market or instrument then the more spread IG can capture.
As a price maker, IG runs a certain amount of risk on its books as well, but strict internal hedging policies limit this exposure.

IG is also making a push into share dealing, investment services and institutional prime brokerage. All of which it hopes will add to its trading revenues.

What is the maximum leverage IG offers?

Leveraged trades can allow you increased exposure to the markets and the chances for greater profits, but also for greater losses. IG is no different, here’s what kind of leverage they can offer you.

Levels of leverage today are determined by account type and legal jurisdiction, as well as the instrument traded. In Europe and the UK, the maximum leverage that retail clients can utilise is 30:1 on major currency pairs. With leverage set at 20:1 on major indices.

Professional clients can access leverage of up to 500:1 but they must first meet strict financial and experience criteria to qualify as such.

Spread Costs & Margin Rates

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76% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs with this provider.

IG Ease of Use

Clear Website 9/1090%
Display Costs 10/10100%
Simple To Use Platforms 10/10100%
Well Laid Out Dealing Screen 10/10100%
Contacting Support /1090%
Foreign Language Options 10/10100%
Personal Service 10/10100%
Expert Support Staff 10/10100%
Published Phone Number 10/10100%
Complaints Procedure 10/10100%

Why IG scores 99 For Ease Of Use

IG has a very simple website that clearly displays costs, commission and funding rates. The trading platforms are relatively simple to use compared to peers, with well laid out dealing screens that are come preset or can be customised.

Support contact information is clearly visible when logged in and logged out, and there are many translated versions of the website. IG offers personal service for professional and retail clients should they choose to deal over the phone rather than online. IG staff in tests have been knowledgeable of the product and current support issues. Phone numbers are published along with the required complaints procedure.

Can you make money trading with IG?

It’s always up to you to make the money, but IG provides its customers with plenty of trading support tools, including charts, market analysis, trading signals, sentiment data and educational resources to empower you to understand even more about the markets you are looking to trade on.

With all of this supporting information and up to date trend analysis through their daily webinars, you shouldn’t be short of trading opportunities and ideas to start to trade.

IG offers competitive spreads, and a wide choice of markets and product coverage to its customers.

Ease of Use

Visit IG

76% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs with this provider.

Why IG Scores 100 For History & Reliability

IG Is One Of the Most Established Online Trading Brokers

Corporate VisibilityVery Good - listed on the LSE
Number of clients178,000
B-Book/HedgeNo Book
Brand PerceptionExcellent
Brand AwarenessExcellent

IG offers access to over 17,000 markets through their investment, spread betting, CFD trading and share dealing service. IG also offer cryptocurrency trading, so you can trade Bitcoin and Ethereum (Ether) as a spread bet or CFD.

IG launched back in 1974 an abbreviation of Investor’s Gold Index. IG began offering a stockbroking service back in 2014 which allows you to invest in stocks via an ISA or SIPP account and ETF's through their Smart Portfolio service.

Corporate Visibility & Client Numbers

IG are listed on the London Stock Exchange. IG has Over 178,000 active clients as of May 2019 (source: iggroup.com).

Within the investment and trading industry, IG have very high brand visibility and positive brand perception.

What makes IG different?

IG is one of the most recognisable and enduring brands in the trading and investing space. With a history dating back to 1974, it is easy to see how there can be some merit behind their “world’s no.1 spread betting and CFD provider”. The company offers margin trading through CFDs and rolling spot FX, as well as financial spread betting, physical share dealing and investment services. IG has its in-house, award-winning trading platforms, as well as third-party dealing software such as MT4.

IG Awards

As well as winning Best Forex Broker 2019, Best Overall Broker 2019, Best Spread Betting Broker 2018 & Best Overall Broker 2018 in the Good Money Guide Awards. IG consistently wins awards issued by other publications.

IG say they are the “World’s no.1 spread betting and CFD provider” and offer tight, fast spreads to traders, round the clock trading and plenty of educational resources to both new and experienced traders. With access to over 17,000 markets, an app-based interface and active and engaged community-led forums as well as telephone support. There are plenty of reasons to give IG a try. Our review can help you decide if they are right for you.

Pros and cons of IG

Pros of IGCons of IG
Most established brokerNo on-exchange futures
Wide market accessSome brokers offer tighter spreads
Large market access£12 per month inactivity fee (24mths inactivity)
Flexible deposit and withdrawal options

IG Do Not Run A B-Book.

Unlike other brokers, IG does not bet against its clients. however, it does internalise orders to match buyers and sellers.

What is the IG share price?

IG Group’s share price is around 713p and the company's market capitalisation is circa £2.50 billion, as of the time of writing.

Publication of full-year figures for 2019 shows IG group had had just three loss-making days over the previous five years of trading, giving the company as solid a foundation as you are likely to find in the margin trading business.

Are there any other benefits of using IG?

Apart from the obvious benefits of dealing with the oldest and most established margin trading broker.
IG offers some other useful features such as guaranteed stop losses, which fix the maximum loss you can incur on an open position.

IG does levy a charge for this service, but you only pay this, if the stop is triggered.
If you are trading physical stocks through IG, they will collect any dividends due and pay them into your account.

IG can also prepare a CTC or Consolidated Tax Certificate which summarises all UK and overseas dividends credit to your account, during a UK tax year, to simplify your accounting.

History & Reliability

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76% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs with this provider.

Why IG scores 90 for safety and regulation

FCA Authorised✔️
FSCS Protection✔️
Retail Customers✔️
Professional Customers✔️
Eligible Counterparties✔️
Segregated Funds✔️
Funds Ringfenced From Creditors✔️
Other Regional Regulations✔️
Negative Balance Protection✔️
Guaranteed Stop Losses✔️

Regulatory Status & Safety of Funds

IG is regulated and authorised in the UK by the FCA or Financial Conduct Authority. However, it's important to remember that nothing is ever 100% safe.

IG & FSCS Protection

Retail client funds held in trading accounts, with IG’s UK businesses, are covered by the FSCS or Financial Services Compensation Scheme that guarantees up to £85,000 in the event of failure of the business.

As a global brand, IG is also regulated by other countries through their local regulators in regions where they operate.

These regulators can offer deposit protection schemes of their own, but these will vary.

Find out more about IG’s international regulatory information here.

What happens to my money if IG go bust?

As IG Group is regulated in the UK by the FCA and there are contingencies in place should a UK broker, such as IG, go bust.

Firstly, all retail client monies must be segregated from the firm's cash, and they must be held in a designated client money account at a major clearing bank.
This ring-fencing of client money is the first layer of protection.

In the event of a business failure, an administrator will be appointed, usually a leading firm of accounts.

Their role is to secure the firm's assets and if no buyer can be found for the business, to make sure that the maximum value can be extracted from the sale of those assets, to return as much of the client money to the firm's clients as possible.

This process may take some time however and it can be months rather than weeks. In the event of a shortfall of funds, clients can seek compensation of up to £85,000 from the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Account Security & Login Methods

Security features are an important consideration when choosing your broker and IG understands your desire to protect the money in your account.

With the IG authentication app, you can enable two-factor authentication on your IG account. Whenever you login you'll receive an app notification with a code to verify that it is you attempting to login and access your details.

If you’re using the IG app on your iPhone to manage trading and investing you can enable TouchID to make logging in faster and simpler.

There is no way to implement FaceID at this time but we will update this guide once IG add support to their apps.

IG is regulated to provide investment services to retail customers, professional customers and the eligible counterparties. Client funds are segregated and ringfenced from creditors. Clients funds (for retail clients) are also protected by negative balance protection and guaranteed stop losses.

Safety & Regulation

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76% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs with this provider.

IG Customer Satisfaction & Support

Good Money Guide Reviews 9/1090%
Trustpilot Reviews 5/1050%
Other Online Reviews 8/1080%
NPS Score 5/1050%
Phone Support 10/10100%
Email Support 10/10100%
Chat Support 10/10100%
Social Media Presence 10/10100%
Face To Face Meetings 10/10100%
Local/Regional Offices 10/10100%

Why IG scores 87% Customer Satisfaction & Support

Good Money Guide Reviews

Reviews posted by IG clients on Good Money Guide have all been positive receiving mostly 5-star ratings. With a few complaints of which IG will respond to.

Trust Pilot Reviews

IG has a star rating of 3.6 on Trustpilot. Of the 3,018 review around 45% are excellent, 25% rank IG as great, which 15% rate them as bad and 4% poor.

Other Online Reviews

Other review sites such as forexbrokers.com give IG 5 stars, brokerchooser 4.6 stars, investopedia 4.3 stars, brokernotes 5 stars with only forexpeacearmy giving a lower rating of 1.8 stars from 150 votes.

NPS Score

IG do not publish an NPS score.

Phone support

IG publish phone numbers and the call routing system will get you to the right department relatively quickly.

Email support

Clients can also email IG with support queries and issues.

Chat support

A live chat function is available on the website. However, when support is very busy this may be disabled.

Social media presence

The IG social media feeds generally consist of analysis and updates. For trading signals and technical analysis you will have to be logged in:

  • Twitter: 28,200 followers
  • Facebook: 112,200 followers
  • Linkedin: 41,500 followers
  • Youtube: 44,500 followers

Face to face meetings at local and regional offices.

IG has a London HQ and global regional offices where you can arrange face to face meetings.

IG has its HQ in London, but also operates regional offices in the following countries:

  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Luxembourg
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • South Africa
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • Australia

Customer Service

How do I contact IG?

IG phone numbers

IG Group has dedicated customer service contact numbers for new (0800 195 3100) and existing clients (0800 409 6789)

Useful IG email addresses

There is also an email address specifically for new clients who may have questions or queries [email protected]

Important IG social media handles

IG’s twitter is available 24 hours a day but different accounts exist depending upon what you need to make contact with them for.

IGSquawk - news and client sentiment, 24 hours per day.

IG Client Help - customer services twitter account - Mon - Fri 24 hours per day.

There is also a specific help and support page on the website with IG’s full contact options details and options for the press, marketing inquiries and more.

IG’s community & dedicated customer service

IG also offers an online community and forums for its customers and clients.

The forums and blogs in the community area contain lots of useful information and articles, as well as trade ideas, comments and ongoing topical conversations between IG clients.

Should you ever need to complain to IG the complaints procedure is set out in a PDF online

IG also offers 24/7 customer support via twitter, email or on the telephone if ever you have questions or queries to ask.

Customer Satisfaction & Support

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76% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs with this provider.

IG Account Opening & Funding

Account Creation Speed 10/10100%
Deposit Methods 9/1090%
Withdrawal Methods 9/1090%
Time to Withdraw Funds 10/10100%
Withdrawal Fees 10/10100%
Currency Conversion Fees 7/1070%
Account Base Currencies 10/10100%
Overnight Financing Charges 7/1070%
Inactivity Fees 10/10100%
Refer A Friend 5/1050%

Why IG Scores 83 Account Opening & Funding

Account Creation Speed

How to open an IG Index account

Opening an account with IG couldn’t be simpler. You’ll need to enter the following details on their website or through their mobile app to get started;

  1. Name
  2. personal details (full names and D.O.B)
  3. Enter your financial status and income details
  4. Tell IG Index about your experience trading through a short test.
  5. Verify your identity - you will need to include proof of your identity by uploading the relevant documents (Appropriate documents could be; passport details, NI, Driving Licence, utility bill, bank statement etc.) via IG’s secure document upload section.

How long does it take to open an IG account?

You can open an account with IG online and once you are verified, you can begin making trades that same day.

However, there are still anti-money laundering checks that brokers have to perform so make sure you have all your ID to hand and provide all the information requested when you are asked.

If your account application can be electronically verified you could be opened on the same day.

Is there a minimum deposit for IG?

The minimum deposit that IG accepts by debit or credit card is £250.00 ($300.00 USD) or foreign currency equivalents.

Minimum trade sizes vary by product, but IG offers what it calls a reduced minimum trade size to clients, during their first 31 days of trading. And it does this for both Spread Betting and CFD accounts.

The reduced minimum trade sizes are set at a fraction of the standard minimum trade size. So, for example, the minimum trade size on an index CFD falls to 25p per point from £1.00, and a Spread bet on an index to 13p per point from the standard minimum of 50p.

The maximum amount that you can deposit into your account is £20,000 per day if you are adding funds using a card but you can add more with a bank transfer.

How to get started trading or investing with IG

  • Open your account (either a live funded account or a demo account)
  • Find the market or product you want to trade
  • Select markets or recently traded to open your first trade
  • Choose what you think will happen, either going long or short.
  • Enter the value of your trade
  • Monitor your activity through the “positions” section of your account

You can find and update your account details within the “more” section of your account and add alerts for notifications when prices shift via the “alerts” screen.

You can also add markets and popular ETFs to your watchlist and see products you’ve recently traded here.

IG’s trading platform is well laid out and both intuitive to interpret and to use. The home screen displays charts, market quotes and clear call to action buttons such as “place a trade”.

You can create watchlists for markets and major shares so that you can quickly and easily see the markets and products most relevant to you.

Your recently traded markets are also stored here which will allow you to look back at your historic activity.
You can easily monitor your open positions and close them at a mouse click or the tap of an icon through the IG app.

Deposit Methods

How to add money to your IG account

You can top-up the balance in your IG account with any of the following payment methods;

Credit cards

You can add funds to your IG account using commonly accepted credit cards including MasterCard and Visa.

Credit card payments come with a 1% fee for Visa and a 0.5% fee for MasterCard.

At this time the IG Index does not accept American Express payments.

Debit and Bank cards

As with credit cards, IG accepts major debit cards but unlike credit cards do not charge a fee.

Account top-ups made with Visa or MasterCard are both free of charge.


You can add funds to your IG account using PayPal, once the first transaction is completed you will have tied your PayPal account to your IG Index account and you can only have one PayPal account associated with your IG account. Using PayPal to add funds is free.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers can take up to three working days to clear, meaning there may be a delay between making the deposit and being able to begin trading.

Although, if you can provide proof of payment via email then you may be able to use the funds before they clear.

Bank transfers are free of charge. There are different accounts to pay the money into depending upon where you live in the World. You can find the details here.

You can add money to your IG account by using one of the following methods: a credit card, a debit card, PayPal, or a bank transfer. IG has a dedicated payment portal within its My IG customer area. Credit and debit cards provide the fastest means of deposit, though you will need to register each card with IG before you can use it to transfer funds, and only one PayPal account, at a time, can be used to fund your IG account. Note that bank transfers can take up to three business days to reach your trading account, though if you can provide proof of payment you may be allowed to trade against the transferred funds sooner.

Withdrawal Methods

How to withdraw your money from IG

Withdrawing money from your IG account should be straightforward and can be actioned using the payments portal in the My IG customer area, through live accounts > withdraw funds.

IG does not charge fees for withdrawals from your account.

You can withdraw money back onto your card or via PayPal but each method has differing limits and restrictions.

Withdrawal methodMinimum withdrawalMaximum withdrawalDaily withdrawal limitTime for funds to clear
PayPal£100*£5,500 each timeNone24 hours
Bank card£100*£20,000£20,000 per day2-5 working days
Bank transferNo limitNo limitNo limitSame day before 12 pm could take 3 working days to clear

*unless there is less than £100 available in your account. You are then able to withdraw the full balance via PayPal or bank card, although same day bank transfers are charged at £15.00.

Differences in maximum and minimum withdrawals exist for different currencies. Check specific currency withdrawal limits.

Currency Conversion Fees

IG charges 0.5% for converting currency. This is in line with other major CFD brokers like Saxo Capital Markets and spread betting broker CMC Markets. It's worth noting that some or most currency conversions are done automatically, however, if you get the opportunity you can get better exchange rates with a currency broker.

Account Base Currencies

IG stands out quite significantly here.  EUR/USD/GBP denominated accounts are most commonly used by European clients.

Clients can have most major currencies – but it is dependent and the IG credit department do carry out checks on why a client is requesting a specific currency. For example, if a UK client is requesting something like Singaporian Dollar account base currency, the credit team would want to understand why that is the case and make a decision based on that.

Overnight Financing Charges

If you hold positions overnight with IG you will have to pay daily overnight funding. The overnight financing charges kick in for positions held after 10pm UK time are based on the below:

  • Forex: tom next rate including the admin fee (0.8%) times tradesize
  • Indices: 2.5% for spread betting and CFDs, 3% for minis. This is on top of LIBOR for long positions however you receive LIBOR for shorts.
  • Commodities: 2.5%
  • Shares: LIBOR +/- 2.5%

Inactivity Fees

Inactivity fees of £12 per month can apply if your account is not used for 24 months but still contains funds.

Other fees like physical share certificate dematerialisation (£100), rematerialisation (£100) and custody fees (£24 per quarter) also apply for clients looking to make use of these services.

You can find out more about IG’s fees and charges here.

Depending upon your trading strategy and how frequently you plan to make trades to understand if unlocking this cheaper tier makes sense for you.
DMA FX, offered to professional clients only, also charges commissions per million traded. It’s lower for trading more and is lowest on $1,500+ millions of USD at $10USD per million.

Refer a Friend

Not in the UK, however, IG does offer refer-a-friend programs in Asia and Australia.

Account Opening & Funding

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76% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs with this provider.

IG Research & Tools

Analysis 10/10100%
Data 10/10100%
Signals 10/10100%
Webinars & Podcasts 10/10100%
Events & Seminars 9/1090%
Trading Ideas 7/1070%
Guest Analysis/Special Reports 10/10100%
Press Contributions 10/10100%
Educational Guides 10/10100%
Integrated News 10/10100%

Why IG Scores 97 For Research & Tools

Added Value


What research does IG provide to traders

IG offers a wide range of research on all the markets you can trade on.

On the trading platform, there are technical indicators provided by a third-party technical analysis firm.
IG, have their own in-house market analysts that provide daily commentary on the major market instruments and movements.

IG also has an in-house TV Studio where they invite expert analysts to discuss the market and provide insight into potential trade through their "trade of the week" video.


Learn strategies with IG academy

There is a huge amount of educational material on the IG website. The IG trading academy is the central hub where this comprehensive educational material can be found.

The IG educational trading academy offers webinars, online courses, live sessions and tests so you can track your progress as you learn about financial trading.

The academy can offer useful resources to every client from those starting to learn to trade to more experienced traders and investors.

IG’s news feed can help you understand how the markets react to the latest news and highlight the impacts of the latest news on markets around the globe.

IG runs daily live trading webinars for clients to attend. These live sessions allow you to learn from the experts at IG and their archive stores historic episodes for you to rewatch at your leisure.

These sessions are run globally, to help give clients in locations around the world access to expertise and information specific to their region.

These daily webinars aim to help up skill clients and develop trading knowledge.

IG’s demo account allows you to become familiar with the operation of the trading platform and the way that markets move, in a realistic simulation of the real markets, but without risking any cash.

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Research & Tools

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76% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs with this provider.