Use our comparison tables to compare SIPP (self-invested personal pension) accounts in the UK.

Compare key features like research, added value, IPO and placing access, commission and costs or read our guide how to invest in a SIPP here.

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Nutmeg Investments With a Nutmeg SIPP you can invest in one of three ETF-based portfolios: Socially Responsible, Fully Managed or Fixed Allocation. Socially Responsible and Fully Managed portfolio fees are 0.75% on the first £100k and 0.35% beyond £100k. Fixed Allocation fees are 0.45% on the first £100k and 0.25% beyond £100k. Average fund costs: 0.32% Socially Responsible; 0.19% Fully Managed; 0.17% Fixed Allocation. Average cost of market spread is 0.06%. Visit Nutmeg

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Hargreaves Lansdown

The Hargreaves Lansdown SIPP allows you to invest in UK and overseas shares, bonds, investment trusts, ETFs and 2,500+ funds; or select a ready-made portfolio. Share custody fee: 0.45% (max £200 a year). Fund custody fee: 0.45% on the first £250k; 0.25% on £250k-£1m; 0.1% on £1m-£2m; free above £2m. Yearly charge for holding investments is never more than 0.45%. Share dealing: £11.95 per deal for 0-9 deals made in previous month; £8.95 for 10-19 deals; £5.95 for 20+ deals. Regular investing: £1.50 per deal. Buying and selling funds is free. Visit HL

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With an IG SIPP you can invest in thousands of UK and global shares and ETFs through a share dealing SIPP, or get a managed portfolio based on your risk profile with a Smart Portfolio SIPP. £205 annual admin fee. £24 quarterly custody fee for share dealing investments. UK share dealing costs £3 if you made 3+ trades the previous month or £8 if you made 0-2 trades. Fees for US share dealing are £0 and £10, respectively. Visit IG

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interactive investor

More than 40,000 UK and global stocks, 3,000+ funds, investment trusts, ETFs and bonds. £10 monthly admin fee, £9.99 monthly service fee, £7.99 UK dealing fee. Free regular investing. Free trading credit of £7.99 per month. Open a SIPP by 30 April 2020 and pay no admin fee until April 2021. II Reviews

AJ Bell

UK and international shares, 2,000+ funds, 450+ investment trusts, ETFs, bonds, warrants and exchange traded commodities. Annual shares custody charge: 0.25% (max £25 per quarter). Annual funds custody charge: 0.25% on the first £250k of funds; 0.1% on £250k-£1m; 0.05% on £1m-£2m; free above £2m. Dealing fees: £1.50 for funds and £9.95 for shares (or £4.95 if there were 10+ deals the previous month). Regular investing: £1.50 per deal. AJ Bell Reviews


UK shares, 2,500+ funds, ETFs and investment trusts, or choose a ready-made portfolio. £100 + VAT annual admin fee. Service fee: 0.3% for a pension value of up to £250k; 0.2% between £250k and £1m; free above £1m. Share dealing costs £7.50 per transaction. Buying and selling funds is free. Bestinvest Reviews

Cavendish Online

Over 3,500 funds, investment trusts and ETFs. Annual fee of 0.25%, which reduces to 0.2% if the total value of your FundSupermarket accounts exceeds £200k. Investment trust and ETF dealing costs £3 per deal. Buying and selling funds is free. Cavendish Reviews

Charles Stanley

Over 3,000 funds, UK and overseas shares, gilts, bonds, ETFs and investment trusts. £100 + VAT annual admin fee (waived if assets exceed £30,000). Platform charge for holding shares is 0.35% (min £24, max £240 per year). Platform charges for funds: 0.35% on the first £250k; 0.2% on £250k-£500k; 0.15% on £500k-£1m; 0.05% on £1m-£2m; free above £2m. Share dealing: £11.50 per trade. Fund trading is free. Charles Stanley Reviews


Over 3,000 funds, UK shares, investment trusts and ETFs, or choose a risk-based actively-managed multi-asset fund with PathFinder. Service fee: 0.35% for accounts worth up to £250k, or £45 p.a. if investments are under £7,500 and you don’t have a regular savings plan; 0.2% for accounts between £250k and £1m; for accounts over £1m, it's 0.2% on the first £1m and free thereafter. ETF portion of the fee is capped at £45. Share dealing: £10 per deal or £1.50 if you have a regular savings plan. Fidelity Reviews


UK and global shares, funds, ETFs, investment trusts, bonds and gilts. Quarterly account charge: £22.50 for SIPPs worth £50,000 or less; £45 for SIPPs worth more than £50,000. Dealing fee for shares and funds: £12.50 per trade or £2 via the scheduled investment service. Halifax Reviews


Sipp Services and Costs Sipp Services and Costs 100% Stocks, funds, bonds, gilts and investment trusts on seven world markets. Screen reader support enabled. Stocks, funds, bonds, gilts and investment trusts on seven world markets. Quarterly admin charge: £22.50 for SIPPs worth £50,000 or less; £45 for SIPPs worth over £50,000. Dealing shares and funds costs £5 per trade. iWeb Reviews

Selftrade (now EQi)

Shares, investment trusts, bonds, gilts, exchange traded products and funds. £118.80 annual admin fee, £17.49 quarterly custody fee (can be offset by investment fees). Funds platform fee: 0.3% for fund value up to £50k; 0.25% on £50k-£250k; 0.15% on £250k and above (max £250 per quarter). Dealing fee: £10.99 per deal or £9.99 for ETFs; £5.99 if you made 20+ trades the previous month. Trading funds is free. Regular investment: £1.50 per trade. EQi Reviews

The Share Centre

Currently closed to new applications until a new pension trustee is appointed. UK and overseas shares, investment trusts, funds, fixed interest securities, bonds, exchange traded funds and commodities, depositary interests, real estate investment trusts and insurance company funds. Standard dealing option (deal less than £750 or occasionally): £15 monthly admin fee, £7.50 dealing fee for trades less than £750 or 1% for £750+. Frequent dealing option (deal more than £750 frequently or have a lump sum): £15 monthly admin fee, £24 quarterly dealing option fee, £7.50 dealing fee. Regular investing: 0.5% (min £1). The Share Centre Reviews


Over 2,000 funds, ETFs, investment trusts and shares. Quarterly admin fee of £31.25 + VAT; monthly customer fee of 0.2% p.a. for funds and 0.1% p.a. for other investments (min £4, max £125 per month). Buying and selling funds £3 per deal; other investments £6 per deal. Regular investing: £1 per deal. Barclays Reviews

Wealth Simple

A portfolio of ETFs based on your risk profile (balanced, growth or conservative) and spread across UK and global equities and bonds. Basic account (deposit £0-£100k) 0.7% fee; Black account (deposit £100k-plus) 0.5% fee. Fund fees average 0.2%. Wealthsimple Reviews


One of seven actively managed risk-based portfolios, predominantly consisting of equity and bond ETFs spread across different geographies and currencies. 0.75% p.a. on the first £10,000; 0.5% p.a. on £10k-£50k; 0.5% p.a. on £50k-£100k; 0.35% p.a. on anything over £100k. Fund fees average 0.2%. Effect of market spread per year is up to 0.09%. Moneyfarm Reviews


Over 75 funds and ETFs, or choose a ready-made Target Retirement fund. Annual account fee of 0.15%, capped at £375 a year. Fund fees average 0.2%. Optional ETF quote and deal service: £7.50 per trade. Vanguard Reviews


One of five ‘original’ plans or one of five ‘ethical’ plans based on your risk profile: cautious, tentative, confident, ambitious or adventurous. The plans invest in funds and ETFs comprising shares, bonds, property and commodities. Annual fee of 0.6%. Fund charges and market spread average 0.22% for original plans for 0.66% for ethical plans. Wealthify Reviews

Legal and General

One of five risk-based actively-managed funds spread across different assets, markets and industries. 0.25% annual service charge and 0.31% annual fund management charge. Legal & General Reviews