Here are the top three ways to compare CFD trading platforms:

  1. Open demo accounts
  2. Does the platform have a mobile version
  3. See what added value services are on offer

Why open demo accounts to compare CFD trading platforms?

Most CFD trading brokers are the same, the field is so competitive that most offer similar pricing, margins and market access.

Choosing a CFD broker is a fairly subjective thing, with some clients preferring one over another simply because of the colour scheme of the CFD trading platform.

So, use our CFD trading brokers comparison tables to visit the brokers websites and open demo accounts. Of course with a CFD trading demo account you won’t need to deposit any funds or provide ID.

You should get access to the demo platform almost instantly.

Why is a CFD mobile trading platform so important?

A huge percentage of trades now go through on mobile. But more importantly than that you need the option to close a position on the go.

traders put far more effort in deciding when to open a position rather than close one. But when a CFD trading closes a position is often more important.

Check to see what trader tools the CFD trading platform has.

As we said most CFD trading platforms are basically the same, it’s what extras they have that sets them apart.

Some CFD trading platforms have lots of technical analysis, fundamental data, news flow, client sentiment tools and trading signals.

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