Compare the best investing, trading, and currency transfer accounts in America

We have ranked and compared the best US accounts so you can save and make more money.

Good Money Guide USA

Futures Trading

Trade the global markets through on-exchange futures from US-regulated brokers.

Compare US Futures Brokers

Options Trading

Options brokers allow traders to buy and sell options on stocks, indices, commodities and foreign exchange.

Compare US Options Brokers

Forex Trading

Forex brokers let you speculate on the price of currency pairs going up or down with leverage through spot FX, futures & options.

Compare US Forex Brokers

Stock Trading

Stock brokers enable traders and investors to speculate on the price of US and international shares such as Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft and Netflix.

Compare US Stock Brokers

ETF Investing

ETFs are exchange-traded funds that let investors buy a basket of shares with exposure to a group of companies like FAANG stocks or a commodity like Gold.

Compare US ETF Brokers

Mutual Fund Investing

Mutual funds is a managed portfolio of company equities and other financial instruments, such as bonds.Compare US Mutual Fund Brokers

Bond Brokers

Our comparison table of US bond brokers covers the key account features such as bond access and pricing. Compare US Bond Brokers
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