Can you do options trading on E*TRADE in the States?

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Yes, you can trade options with E*TRADE in America for as little as 50¢ per lot and have one of the most sophisticated options trading platforms available to retail traders.

ETRADE Options Trading Review

Name: ETRADE Options Trading

Description: ETRADE, which is now a part of Morgan Stanley, offers options trading services for US residents from 50¢-65¢ per equity and index contract. E*Trade has won numerous awards for their options tools which include automatically calculating risk/reward probabilities, customizable options chains, earnings move analysis, preset scanners, spectral analysis and their unique StrategySEEK and Risk Slide.


A good choice for traditional options traders, who want to run options strategies alongside their long-term investment portfolios.

A few things that set E*TRADE apart from competitors are:

  1. Comprehensive Options Trading: E*TRADE enables traders to access a wide range of options contracts. You can trade options on individual stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), indices, and more. This diverse selection allows you to explore various strategies and capitalize on market opportunities.
  2. Powerful Trading Platform: E*TRADE offers a user-friendly and intuitive trading platform that provides real-time market data, advanced charting tools, and customizable options analytics. These features assist in analyzing options chains, evaluating option strategies, and executing trades efficiently.
  3. Education and Research: E*TRADE offers educational resources and research tools to support options trading. Traders can access articles, videos, webinars, and market insights to enhance their knowledge and stay informed about options trading strategies and market trends.
  4. Options Analysis and Strategy Builder: E*TRADE’s platform includes robust options analysis tools and a strategy builder that allows traders to evaluate potential option strategies and assess their risk and reward characteristics.
  5. Customer Support: E*TRADE provides customer support to assist with any questions or issues related to options trading. Their support team is available through phone, live chat, and email to address inquiries and provide guidance.



  • Lots of options markets
  • Established brand
  • Good education


  • Slightly higher option trading costs
  • Pricing
  • Market Access
  • Online Platform
  • Customer Service
  • Research & Analysis
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