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Apple has become one of the largest companies and most recognised brands in the world through a combination of slick marketing and the creation of an ecosystem of high-end phones, tablets and computers.

Apple effectively created the smartphone and tablet spaces and has dominated both since inception despite the best efforts of Samsung, Sony, Amazon and a host of other Android device manufacturers.

iPhone 15 launch

Apple launched a series of new products on Tuesday including the much anticipated iPhone 15 the launch event came as Apple appeared to be facing problems in China, one of its biggest markets and the centre for much of its manufacturing and product assembly, which it subcontracts to firms such as Foxconn.

The Chinese communist party was reported as having banned its members from using iPhones and other foreign devices, though sources in Beijing are now downplaying those reports.

Truthfully the launch was something of a damp squib the main news being that the iPhone 15 would have a USB C charger- rather than the lightning connector on existing phones. A sign that Apple had bowed to pressure from the EU.

There were some cosmetic changes to the iPhone profile, a camera upgrade, and the more expensive Pro models will also receive an updated processor.

Apple also launched two new watches at the event.

Share price reaction

Apple’s share price didn’t immediately benefit however, with the stock trading down by -1.71% on the day, having previously broken below a 9-month long uptrend and the 50-day moving average, in August and September respectively.

Investors probably don’t have too much to worry about right now because year to date Apple is up 35%, up by +935% over the last decade, and by an extraordinary 47548% over the last 20 years.

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