Plus 500 launches VIX trading, or the CBOE Volatility Index, or the “Fear Index” if you’re feeling particularly outrageous

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Plus 500 has launched trading on the CBOE VIX, which measures volatility in the markets.

It’s commonly known as the fear index  because when it is at extremes it can signal a market correction. In this case it would be a market crash as major indices have rallied significantly.

The thing to remember though is that in actual fact the VIX is a hopeless leading indicator. If you look at this chart from Investors Intelligence volatility is highest after the market has corrected. So would be VIX traders may see more potential in VIX trading after a crash or rally, with a view to profiting from a reduction in volatility.

But beware, the VIX is a very volatile index. You can see the VIX chart from CFD broker Plus 500 below or the CBOE futures contract specs here.



Incidentally, if you are looking for a leading indicator that has an anecdotal reputation heralding market corrections when at extremes take a look at the Investors Intelligence Advisors Sentiment Index. The index was making new highs before the recent sell off – an index well worth keeping an eye on for volatility traders or those looking to hedge a net long portfolio.


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