Our comparison table of US MT4 brokers covers the key account features.

These include, tight pricing, financial security, regulation, range of markets, added value and reviews.

Trading and investing carries a high level or risk and losses can exceed your deposits. Featured brokers appear first.

Here are a few of the best MT4 brokers in the US


What is MT4 or MetaTrader 4?

MT4 stands for MetaTrader 4, which is a trading platform developed by MetaQuotes. The software company designed the platform specifically for trading in several markets, most notably forex, futures and contract for differences (CFDs). The platform can be downloaded completely free from MetaQuotes or through a range of US MT4 brokers. Once up and running with MT4, traders can analyse prices, as well as place and manage trades.

Choosing an MT4 broker – what to look out for.

With plenty of US MT4 brokers available, choosing the right one is essential, picking a poor one could end up hitting you in the pocket, or worse, compromising your security details. It’s those security details that should be your first consideration. Look for one of several US MT4 brokers with a good reputation when it comes to security. When you first set up your account with a broker, a lot of financial and personal information is exchanged, you need to be sure all of that information is in safe hands.

It’s also a good idea to look for a broker that has a no re-quote policy. When the markets are volatile, you may encounter brokers who say they are unable to fulfil an order at the rate you see on the screen. Instead, they’ll provide you with the option of executing the trade at a new price. This process is called ‘re-quoting’, and not only can it end in you missing out on profits, but it can also prevent you from suffering losses. Always be sure to check your contract for their ‘re-quote’ policy.

Commissions are also another consideration when choosing between US MT4 brokers, as are miscellaneous fees. It’s worth bearing in mind that trading costs you incur and not strictly limited to spreads and commissions. Try to avoid brokers who charge additional fees for withdrawals as well as deposits, inactivity, wire transfers and closing your account.

Comparing MT4 Brokers

US MT4 brokers can vary dramatically, so be sure to study what each and every one is offering before you commit. You can use our MT4 broker comparison table to check the key features of trading MT4

What can you trade on MT4

When setting up with US MT4 brokers, it’s worth remembering that MT4 is one of the most popular trading terminals in the world. This is because it brings together up to date analytics with extensive trading tools and puts them together on one easy to use interface. With plenty of markets available, you can trade everything from major and minor forex pairs to precious metals. You can also use MT4 to trade energy contracts, major stock indices, precious metals and plenty more.

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