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Car Insurance

Car insurance is essential if you’re a driver and it’s a legal requirement to have at least third-party insurance. This means you’re covered if you have an accident and cause damage to other vehicles or property, or injure other people or animals. Compare Car Insurance Offers

Travel Insurance

When you travel abroad or if you’re holidaying in the UK, it’s important to take out travel insurance in case something goes wrong.

Compare Travel Insurance Offers

Contents Insurance

Your belongings could be worth tens of thousands of pounds so replacing them if they were damaged or stolen would be costly. Contents insurance gives you peace of mind that you would be covered for these costs if this happened to you.Compare Contents Insurance Offers

Buildings Insurance

You may think it’s unlikely that your home will be destroyed by a disaster such as a fire but the consequences would be serious without buildings insurance to cover the cost.Compare Buildings Insurance Offers

Mortgage Protection Insurance

Your mortgage payment is likely to be your biggest monthly outgoing, but how would you pay it if you couldn’t work due to accident, sickness or unemployment? Taking out mortgage protection insurance is one way to cover this eventuality.

Compare Mortgage Protection Insurance Offers

Life Insurance

Life insurance gives you peace of mind that your family would be provided for if you were to die. It can either pay off a mortgage, provide money for living costs or both.Compare Life Insurance Offers

Cat Insurance

If your feline friend became ill or was injured, would you be able to afford the vet bills for the treatment it needed? Taking out cat insurance gives you peace of mind that you would be covered if this were to happen to your cat or kitten. Compare Cat Insurance Offers

Dog Insurance

There’s no NHS for dogs so if your beloved pooch falls ill or is in an accident it could cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds to get it the veterinary treatment it needs. Dog insurance can help you avoid unexpected bills.

Compare Dog Insurance Offers

Private Medical Insurance

If you need medical treatment, private medical insurance (PMI) gives you the option to choose private treatment instead of using the NHS. It’s a nice-to-have rather than essential so you should think carefully about whether you need it and, if so, what type of policy to take out to make sure you’re getting what you want at a price you can afford. Compare Private Medical Insurance Offers
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