Freetrade is a mobile-only, zero commission stockbroker. The basic Freetrade account is free and you can invest in an investment ISA with FSCS protection in a wide range of UK and US stocks, bonds, gold, ETFs.

Find out more about Freetrade from the man at the top. Here's what Adam Dodds, the founder, and CEO has to say about free stockbroking and investment when we interviewed him.


CEO Interview

Adam Dodds, CEO of Freetrade tells us all about his commission free stockbroking service.

There seems to be a bit of a free-for-all in stockbroking at the moment. It looks like the fintech rebels have decided that investing is the next stomping ground for disruption.
As fewer and fewer of the younger generation put aside money in savings and investments, a new breed of mobile first stockbroking platforms are stepping in to try and tempt millennials into the joys of investing in the stock market.

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Freetrade User Reviews

Here's what users have to say about them. If you've used them leave a review to vote in our Awards for a chance to win £1,000 in Amazon Vouchers.

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 104 reviews

by Vladislav Kozub on Freetrade
Completely overhauling the UK retail brokerage industry

Great progress considering the amount of resources used! A steady and careful approach, great customer interaction, dedicated team and devoted community.

by Manuela on Freetrade
Freetrade app

Best app ever!
I hope Freetrade spread across the world.

by Thomas Williams on Freetrade
What a platform

After using multiple competitors to invest in, I can truly say I was blown away from Freetrade from my initial download right through to topping up my account.
All instructions were straight forward and visually pleasing, refraining from using jargon to deter people from using the platform. When a slight mishap occurred with regards to send money to my account, there live chat was my first point of call and I got into contact with Vicky a customer service rep straight away. She put my mind at rest as I thought I lost money before I had even started investing it (thinking I'd send it to a wrong account).
The customer service reps responded quickly and got my account sorted immeditately.
I already know that this is going to be revolutionary. A business that looks after it's customers (and treats them like family) is one that does well in this day and age.
Ill happily recommend this to all my friends and family, and people I meet. Keep it up FreeTrade. 👍🏆

by Sam Landsman on Freetrade
Changing the UK industry

Freetrade is making investing accessible by lowering fees to as low as nothing the app is great and constantly getting better whilst taking advice from the community that uses it. Could not recommend enough!

by simone on Freetrade
Finally what we needed

Freetrade has completely changed the way I invested and save. I've invested using other platforms before but the fees are off-putting. Freetrade's customer service is fantastic and they generally listen to ideas and feedback. I can only see this company getting bigger and even better with time.

by dan on Freetrade
Amazingly simple

Love it. Great user interface and so easy to buy / sell!

by Graham on Freetrade
Free at last

Easy to use, free trading platform that opens the door to the everyday person that would otherwise be scared of investing in stocks/shares due to its perceived barriers around know-how, time & cost. Already a great app but can't wait to see this puppy grow with functionality and more share options. The future is bright for Freetrade

by Rob on Freetrade
Listed investments made cheap and easy

Tried several platforms before and was always discouraged by the prohibitive fees. Thank you Freetrade for enabling me to build a saving portfolio

by Andrei Muraru on Freetrade
Great customer focus

It’s great to finally see a financial company that’s tailoring their roadmap on the customer needs and feedback. While changing literally pennies for their services.

by tom stapor on Freetrade
Best platform

I hope freetrade will spread across the world so old style banks will be scared

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