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UAE regulated CFD broker Think Markets has introduced a refer-a-friend scheme. clients will now be able to introduce friends and family members to the brand and have a chance to earn a reward of $50.00 per new account assuming that the referee meets some minimum criteria.

What is the Think Markets refer-a-friend Scheme?

To be able to introduce a friend to Thinkmarkets you will first need to have an account with the firm, have deposited at least $250.00 or foreign currency equivalents into your account and have placed at least one round trip trade, (opened and closed) with a nominal value of $100,000 or greater.

Your referee will also need to open a live trading account and deposit $250.00 or equivalent in another currency and also have opened and closed a trade, with a nominal value of $100,000 or greater, within 30 days of their account application.

How will my introductions be tracked?

Qualifying clients can generate a unique referral link, that they can share with their introductions, via the refer a friend tab on the Think Portal.

The maximum payout that a client can receive for introductions is $1000.00, or twenty referrals within a 30-day period.

If you want to or are able to introduce more than 20 new clients per month, then you will need to think about becoming an IB or introducing broker with the firm.

Can all Think Markets clients participate in the refer-a-friend scheme?

The refer-a-friend offer is being managed by Think Markets Bermuda-based entity Think Capital Limited so it’s not open to retail traders in the UK.

However, it is open to overseas clients such as expats residing in the UAE, for example.

Who are Think Markets?

Think Markets was established as Think Forex in Australia in 2010 and gained ASIC regulation in 2012. introducing CFD trading to Australia in 2013.

Two years later Think Markets became regulated in the UK under the FCA, and licences in South Africa and Cyprus followed.

In 2023. Think Markets has gained regulated status in Dubai, under the DFSA, and in New Zealand, under the FMA or Financial Markets Authority.

The firm also holds licences in Japan, the Seychelles and Mauritius, and Think Markets now operates from 11 offices around the globe with more than 450,000 clients.

Offering a refer-a-friend scheme to its existing clients makes good business sense for Think Markets.

Word of mouth and recommendations are some of the best and most cost-effective methods of attracting new clients. Acquiring clients through other marketing channels can cost many hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per account.


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