Our expert reviews are designed to give our readers some insight into providers and platforms they may decide to use for investing, trading and sending money abroad. We thoroughly test all accounts with real money, interview the CEOs, talk to key members of staff and look at the elements of an account that are most important to investors and traders include how much it costs, what products and services are offered, and also if they are any good.

Dodl by AJ Bell Review: Is investing really that easy?

The thing about investing, is that it needs to be done as early as possible, and never has there been a time when the young are so interested in the stock markets. That can probably be attributed to the stellar growth of big brand FAANG stocks, Tesla tweets, Meme stocks like Gamestop, and the boom

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saxo capital makets review

Saxo Markets Review: A professional brokerage for professional traders

Saxo Markets is an award-winning investment and trading platform. Founded in 1992 by Kim Fournais and Lars Seier Christensen, the institution has expanded rapidly over the past decade. The company is headquartered in Copenhagen. International Investing Many wonderful stocks are listed in countries outside the UK. For investors wishing to diversify their portfolios, international investing should be

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Plus500 Review: The CFD broker the industry loves to hate

I should say that I have massive respect for Plus500 from a marketing point of view. They obviously looked at the online trading industry and thought to themselves, “this is ripe for disruption” and to be fair they did disrupt the CFD trading (not the financial spread betting) industry. Before Plus500 came along, most CFD

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OFX review

OFX Review: Are they a safe way to transfer money abroad?

OFX is a leading currency broker offering currency services to more than 55 countries around the world. Originally known as OzForex, it was launched by Matthew Gilmour in 1998 as an information only website. Since then, it has grown rapidly handling more than AUD$150bn transfers with more than a million customers worldwide. OFX Expert Review

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Xe money transfers

Xe Review: More than just data, they now transfer currency.

Xe started off life as an online currency conversion calculator, then started flogging the data to currency transfer providers, then in 2002 decided to compete with all it’s customers and offer online money transfers (which it provides through HiFX in the UK. At the time, HiFX was one of the largest money transfer providers in

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Fineco review

Fineco Bank Review: Well dressed trading and investing

Fineco is an Italian bank and brokerage, active across Europe which has been in operation for 20 years. Fineco has over 1.30 million clients and assets of more than €82.0 billion under administration. Fineco became a bank in 1999 and through M&A became a part of the Unicredit group in 2008. Ultimately Fineco demerged from

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Ria Review: Any good for small money transfers abroad?

Ria Money Transfer is one of the world’s largest money transfer companies, enabling money remittances all around the globe. Ria was founded in 1987 from small beginnings in New York. It began by offering money transfer services to Latin America and steadily expanded to serve virtually all corners of the world. Today, Ria allows you

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Wealthsimple company’s mission is to offer ‘simple, sophisticated, and affordable financial products. And make sure they’re available to everyone’. The robo-advisor was founded in Canada in 2014 and launched in the UK in September 2017. It has amassed 175,000 clients with £4.8bn in assets under management (as at end February 2021). Wealthsimple offers a pension,

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WiseAlpha Review: Buy bonds you can’t afford with fractional bond notes

WiseAlpha is an online investment platform that enables UK investors to invest in fractional corporate bonds. Its aim is to make bonds – which traditionally were only accessible to large institutional investors due to high minimum transaction levels (£100k+) – more accessible to private investors. WiseAlpha was founded in 2014 and received Financial Conduct Authority

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freetrade review

Freetrade Review: They don’t offer trading and are they really free?

Freetrade is a commission-free stock trading app with a self-described mission of ‘getting everyone investing by making it simple and commission-free’. It currently has 500,000 users and is a member of the London Stock Exchange. Their mobile app can be downloaded free of charge and offers the following features: General investing account: Commission-free investing in

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Azimo Review: How do they compare Wise and Western Union?

Founded in 2012 by entrepreneur Michael Kent, Azimo with the aim of using technology to ‘democratise overseas currency transfers’. It is faster, cheaper, secure and promises a saving of 90% over traditional money transfer providers. Using its website or mobile app, you can transfer funds to more than 200 countries in more than 80 currencies.

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PagoFX Review: Is the Santander backed money transfer provider any good?

PagoFX offers the features and pricing of a fintech start-up with the security of being backed by Santander. PagoFx was launched in 2020 by Banco Santander and aims to revolutionise FX money transfers. It’s an open market extension of Santander’s existing transfer service and represents their foray into the world of fast low cost money

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Robinhood Review

Robinhood Gold – More Like The Sheriff of Nottingham’s Silver

Robinhood started off with grand claims of democratising investing, but it has slipped into the murky world of actually trying to make money. I don’t actually think that investing needs that much democratising anyway. In fact, all trading was expensive 20 years ago because there was less competition and online trading platforms were in their

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shareDeal active

shareDeal active Review: Jarvis’s low-cost no-frills execution-only stockbroking service

ShareDeal active is Jarvis’s low-cost no-frills execution-only stockbroking service. Though this may be a new name in broking to many, the parent company Jarvis Securities PLC is a well-established Aim-listed investment management and nominee company, that offer outsourced services, including clearing, nominees, SIPP accounts, and investment ISA management, plus their associated back-office functions, to brokerages,

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