The end of an era, the closure of the Fool UK Discussion Boards

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The 17th November is going to see a change on the Motley Fool UK website, the closure of any new posts on their UK discussion boards. Older posts will still be completely viewable in an archive format, however, this is likely to be limited to around the 3 month mark.

Motley Fool Discussion Boards Close

The Boards were started back in 1998 using code which, at that particular time was up to date. The internet has changed greatly over the almost 20 years since this launch and the code that once worked perfectly, has become outdated.

The people in charge of the Fool UK site have found that the code has become all the harder to maintain and the realisation hit them that they needed to make some changes.

This meant that parts of the site which relied on older technologies had to be sacrificed, all to bring the software platform that runs UK Fool back into line with some of the other sites that are found around the world.

Motley Fool Discussion Boards Close

Foolish Changes

It isn’t only the share chat boards that will be saying their goodbyes. There are also a number of other pages that will be seeing a change.

This includes:

  • Favourite fools
  • Replies to your posts
  • My fool
  • Favourite boards
  • Profile pages for posters

The creators of Fool UK have been incredibly open about their feelings on this change. Not only this, but they have been vocal with their gratitude to all the members of the group. One thing is for sure, it is certainly going to missed, especially by those who have taken great value in the tips and hints found there over the past 20 years.

Discussion groups just like the one at Fool UK are incredibly useful. They quickly become places that you can share your own thoughts, opinions and advice on what can be a tricky area to master.

Investment is an area that you often have to make decisions that are outside of your knowledge, meaning that having someone on hand to sound off with can be extremely helpful.

We are sad to see it go, but we appreciate that the online world changes over time and we all have to move with it.

So, whilst it may be the end of an era, it certainly doesn’t mean that all those helpful and insightful tips found on the discussion boards will be forgotten. In fact, we are sure that Fool UK led to a number of fantastic investments for those who visited it and this should long continue!

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