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LSE share chat is rife! There is no shortage of websites, forums, social media channels and bloggers pontificating about where share prices on the London Stock Exchange will go. But what are the best sources to see what people are saying about stocks on the LSE? I’ve been following stock discussion boards for about 20 years now, and here’s where I think you can get the best share chat.

Our Picks Of The Best Share Chat Sites For LSE & AIM Stocks

Here we list some of the best sites for getting chat on LSE-listed stocks. It’s important to remember though that most discussion boards are not monitored (for various compliance and regulatory reasons) so always take what you read on them as opinion and potentially not at all accurate!

London South East ( has absolutely nothing to do with the LSE (London Stock Exchange), but they do provide a huge amount of data on LSE-listed stocks. The share chat sections below quotes and market data on is probably the most active out there. It’s a mixed bag though or people who really know what they are talking about and are obsessed with the small-cap stocks they own.

There is a lot of “talking one’s own book”, but people chatting about shares often link to interesting analysis on videos on other sites. It’s well worth taking a look at the share chat for AIM-listed stocks.


ADVFN (or Advanced Financial Network) was one of the best forums for share chat and I used it every day all say when I first became a stockbroker 20 years ago. ADVFN has a huge amount of users and a huge amount of varied opinions.

A good source for live pricing, level-2 data and share chat. Although, the ADVFN share price has taken a bit of a battering over the years.

Proactive Investors

Proactive Investors was one of the original financial sites to cover the small-cap market, and they have done it very well. Proactive Investors work directly with AIM-listed companies to help get their stories and corporate developments in front of investors.

There is some excellent share chat with listed company CEOs and coverage of micro-cap stock news that the mainstream publications don’t really cover.


X, or the social network formally known as Twitter has always been a great source of share chat. You get everyone from professional financial journalists, to obviously pump and dumpers giving their two cents on share prices. The best thing about Twitter (X) for share chat though is the search function, so if you are looking for chat on a stock you can just proceed with the code with $ (for example $AAPL) and you’ll get a share chart, plus all the chatter around that particular stock. It’s not great for UK stocks, but there have been a few campaigns (notably from Freetrade) to implement a £ prefix for UK share chat. But that has not yet made it directly into Musk’s inbox.


Share chat on Trade2Win, is a bit more focussed towards trading, rathe than investing (hence the name), but it’s a very active share chat forum, with lots of members discussing brokeres and how to trade. There are some threads on individual stocks, ETFs and investment trusts, but it’s more of an forum to dip into if you need the answer to a question, rather than a fresh opinion.

However, Trade2Win has been going for over 20 years, and over the years there have been plenty of insightful posts made by people who love the markets.


If you’re looking for reliable share chat on smaller caps, one of the best lay analysts in the UK is Paul Scott who writes for Stockomendation. I’ve spoken to Paul a few times, many years ago when we started covering small caps, I asked him to write for us, but instead, he chose Stockopedia. Probably a very sensible decision as Stockopedia won “best private client research provider” in our 2023 awards. Combining Pauls’s views on LSE-listed stocks with Stockopedia’s proprietary StockRank is a great way to get a holistic view of a stock. So far Paul has posted over 2,000 times on Stockopedia and commented on share chat over a whopping 7,000 times since 2009.


You don’t get share chat in the traditional sense on Stockomendation, but you do get an aggregated view of who has tipped a specific share, along with how well someone’s tips have done in the past. Stockomendation tracks the views of 160 tipsters and gives each one a star rating based on success, so you can easily see whose tips are worth following.

Motley Fool

Alas, the Motley fool is not what it once was. used to be the mecca of amature share chat, but due to people posting inside information and the forums becoming increasingly difficult to moderate the share chat forums were shut down. The site mainly relies on some very good analysts giving their views on specific LSE stocks.

There is a lot of good analysis for free, or you can upgrade and pay for share tips. But be warned, just like Benzinga, if you give them your’s email, you will get a lot of marketing for their premium services.

We originally wrote about this way back in 2016: The end of an era, the closure of the Fool UK discussion boards.

Investors Intelligence

Going back as 1962, the Investors Intelligence Advisors Sentiment report aggregates the sentiment of stock market newsletters and provides a bullish or bearish rating. The more bullish the report from share chat in the newsletters, the higher the chances are of the market correcting. It’s well worth keeping an eye on for potential market reversions.

Investors Intelligence has always provided great research, from a technical perspective. You don’t get share chat from amateurs, instead, you get a professional and FCA-regulated analysts view on the most popular stocks in the UK and US.

Good Money Guide

Finally, and obviously. We think our own analysis on LSE shares is some of the best, otherwise, we wouldn’t be writing it. All our analysts have over a decade of experience in analysing share price movements and our objective is to answer key questions about why a share price has moved or where it may be in the future. Clearly, we are talking our own book.

If we’ve missed, one or you’d like to suggest an addition please let us know on our Twitter/ GMG X channel.

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