Over the next few weeks and months, people will potentially be spending more time on social media and browsing the web.

We’ve all seen the scam adverts, but in a recent survey, we did with YouGov, of the 43% of people that claimed to have seen a scam ad online only around 20% actually report that ad to the network or website as a potential scam.

When times are most volatile, the most vulnerable are most desperate and susceptible.

Scammers, are still out in force, so as well as reporting them to the FCA, it’s important to report these adverts to the network when you come across them, not just ignore them. Reporting them to the networks will help block the advertising accounts the scammers are using.

It’s not just online scams either. Phone scams are doing the rounds of criminals pretending to be from the phone internet company saying that they are about to cut the phone/internet and need you to “press a few buttons” on your computer to help.

To report an advert, there will usually be a “x” in the top right-hand corner. Look for that and report it as appropriate.

For more information on how financial scams work you can see our guides on the various typical different types:

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