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Compare travel money exchanges to find the best place to buy euros, USD and more. These accounts let you buy travel money instore, online or from the airport.

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Post Office

Online: Yes
Phone: Yes
Delivery: Yes
Collection: Yes
Find your nearest Post Office£4.99 or free if over £500Min: £400
Max: £2,000
Delivery: £4.99 or free if over £500
More info

Don't leave it to the last minute and pay more for foreign currency at the airports.

With the Post Office, whether you're going to Andorra or Zambia, they've got you covered. With a huge choice of over 45 currencies and the new Travel Money Cards, they'll make it easy for you to get your travel money. Have it delivered straight to your door next day or pick it up from any of their UK stores at major airports, ports and retail locations.

Why buy travel money online?

It's quite frankly madness to wait until you get to the airport to buy foreign currency. Pretty much everything in the world is more expensive at airports. With the possible exception of perfume. But who really buys that any more.

Foreign exchange is particularly expensive at airports because the providers know that it is your last chance.

If you buy travel money online you can compare travel money providers and see who offers you the best exchange rate and cheapest delivery costs. You can save quite a considerable amount by planning ahead and ordering your travel money online.

How do you get the best exchange rate on holiday money?

We've written a guide that explains how to compare exchange rates and how currency providers and currency brokers mark up the costs.

But basically, you have to compare the spread. Which is the difference between the buy and the sell price. The wider it is from the mid rate the more you are being charged. You can look up the mid exchange rate on our Foreign exchange rate cross page or just Google it.

It's also worth considering offers on travel money. It's a very competitive market, so if it's worth signing up with providers even if you don't want to buy travel money online right now. Get on their email newsletters and wait for offers around peak travel times as they offer promotions to win business.

What's the minimum and maximum amounts of travel money you can buy online?

Usually, the minimum is around £200 and the max is around £2,500. But some providers let you buy up to £7,500. You can't really buy any more than that online as large cash transactions tend to be frowned upon by anti-money laundering regulations.

Plus, it might get lost in the post. Which would be a bit annoying for insurance companies.

How do Currency Cards work?

To avoid these high charges, one option is to go for a prepaid currency card. Most currency brokers offer a branded version.

It’s like having a foreign bank account, and you can convert small amounts whenever you like and add them to your account.

The reality is that it will save you a small amount over the year compared to converting money at the airport.

But, the administration of yet another card may not be for you.

Another alternative is a credit card specifically for spending abroad. These cards can often offer better rates than