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If you are a CFD trader, you may not have noticed that there was a conference called Finance Magnates earlier in the week.

To be fair though, for retail CFD traders, it’s not really relevant as it’s an industry conference. If you want to know what conferences are worth going to if you are a trader and looking to meet brokers we’ve highlighted a few here.

But, if you are a CFD trader, you do need to know who the best CFD brokers are. And as such, which broker to trade with.

You can find that out through forex broker comparison tables, broker reviews, talking to fellow traders or looking at industry awards.

And that’s relevant here because Saxo just smashed it all over the place at the Finance Magnates London Summit 2018.

Here are the awards that Saxo won…

  • Best Multi-Asset Trading Platform
  • Best B2B Liquidity Provider
  • Best White Label Solution
  • Best Retail CFD Broker

See the full list of awards on Finance Magnates

Here’s what Kim Fournais, Saxo CEO & Founder said

We are very proud to be recognised in multiple categories at the Finance Magnates London Summit Awards which is testament to our continued work to give everyone the best tools and global capital market access to take control of their investments.

We continue to invest heavily in innovation to remain ahead of the curve by offering best of class price, product, platform and service to ensure continued win-win with both clients and partners.

And here’s what the awards actually mean….

  • Best Multi-Asset Trading Platform

There are about ten hundred million brokers out there that just offer access to the top traded markets. It’s a fairly lazy approach to brokerage. But, being multi-asset means that you offer access to a multitude of markets like bonds, stocks and options. As well as providing direct market access and prime brokerage.

So winning this award means that Saxo are proving greater access to your clients.

  • Best B2B Liquidity Provider & Best White Label Solution

Of these hundred million brokers that set up, the cheapest way to do get set up is to do a deal with another broker and get them to provide you with prices, trading platforms and back-end systems. You basically, set up a brand rather than a full-service brokerage and share the commission with you white label and liquidity provider.

So winning this awards means that Saxo as providing brokerage services direct to clients they are also powering smaller players.

  • Best Retail CFD Broker

This is the important one for retail CFD traders. If you are a CFD trader you should be going with a respected CFD broker. There are a plethora of awards out there, that are mostly worthless, but a quick scan of the internet shows that this isn’t the only “best CFD broker” award Saxo have won.

If you need more info on Saxo take a look at our Saxo review here.

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