Company REFS Acquired By Stockopedia & Slater Investments

Good news today, that one of the original stock screener sites, Company REFS has been acquired by Stockopedia.

Stockopedia has already done a pretty good job of showcasing Jim Slater’s Zulu Principle in their stock screeners, but I’m glad to see they have taken it a step further now and that the Company REFS service will continue under the Stockopedia brand.

Anyone who’s been a stockbroker or in the stock markets for any number of years will have come across a few key services in their time. Company REFS being one of them. I used it when I started off as a stockbroker in combination with my ADVFN level 2 screen looking for bargains in the small-cap world.

It’s a small world stockbroking and a few years later, when I was a dealer on a derivatives desk, the founder Jim Slater became a client and would put on currency option trades over the phone. Nice chap too, we even called him Mr Slater.

Mark Slater, son of Company REFS founder Jim Slater & Chairman of Slater Investments, said:

“My father devised REFS (Really Essential Financial Statistics) in the early 1990s. It was a revolutionary source of data and was head and shoulders above the competition for a long time. Slater Investments will invest in the database and I believe that it will become a much more valuable research tool which will enhance our investment process.”

Edward Page Croft, CEO of Stockopedia, said:

“Jim Slater and Company REFS were key inspirations when we founded Stockopedia. We’re delighted to carry the baton, ensuring that existing REFS subscribers can continue to access first-class fundamental data and screening tools on the web.”

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