There are two types of CFD trading tips. Firstly tips on what to buy and sell, then secondly tips on how to improve your trading.

We’ve put together an article on tips to improve your CFD trading strategy which covers the basics, but if you are looking for CFD trading tips on what to buy and sell here is what to look out for and what to avoid.

Are advisory CFD brokers any good?

In a nutshell, no. The FCA has all but put a complete stop to high pressure sales tactics used by rouge advisory CFD brokers to fleece their clients.

However, what this has meant is that the traditional and reputable CFD brokers are no longer allowed to give advice or even implied advice on what to buy or sell when CFD trading to retail or private clients.

CFD brokers are allowed to advise professional or institutional clients and give them CFD tips, but it’s unlikely that any properly regulated CFD stock broker in the UK can give tips to a correctly classified private traders.

So, if an advisory CFD broker is pushing trading ideas, make sure you double check who you are dealing with.

Where to find buy and sell CFD tips?

If you want CFD trading tips, most financial media produce daily buy and sell recommendations which are often a good source of stimulus.

One thing to remember though is that stock tips that in the papers are usually based on fundamental analysis with a longer term view as opposed to CFD trading which usually employs technical analysis as this is more relevant for short term price moves in liquid stocks.

There are various trading signal services like:

  • Trend signal
  • Vector vest
  • Investors Intelligence
  • Trading Central
  • Recognia

These services act independently from CFD brokers and are in some cases regulated by the FCA .

They often highlight trading signals and CFD trading buy and sell signals, but it is up to the trader to decide if they are any good and worth of a trade.

You can also get a form of CFD trading tips from the social trading brokers, where you can follow traders and copy their trades.

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