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There are may different types of prime broker, which all offer very specific services to very specific types of customers. Many prime brokers will develop products that suit their customer’s needs. This guide explains what different types of prime brokers do.

Boutique Prime Brokers

Boutique prime brokers can provide an entire operational framework and reading infrastructure for small and start-up hedge funds that are too small for tier 1 prime brokers. Boutique prime brokers will often have direct relationships with larger prime brokers and resell services on a wholesale basis to their clients.

Mini Prime Brokers

A mini prime broker is simply a prime broker that accepts small institutional accounts. These are more appropriate for start-up and new hedge funds.

Small Hedge Funds

We work with the best prime brokers for small to medium sized hedge funds that can assist with your trading and fund strategy, including custodian services, regulatory umbrellas, research, analysis and outsourced back office systems.

Start-up Hedge Funds

The top tier prime brokers are shutting down all their smaller accounts so start up hedge funds need a mini prime broker or mid-tier prime broker.

Large Hedge Funds

A hedge fund prime broker is the main account a hedge fund holds it’s positions with. Hedge funds may use executing brokers for buying and selling positions and then give up those positions to their main account at the end of the day.

Prime Of Prime Brokers

A prime of prime broker will provide retail brokers with market access. This is common in CFD and Forex platforms where the forex brokers act more as marketing matching and the prime of prime broker provides the liquidity back office, platform and administration of the accounts.

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