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If you’ve not used Saxo’s award-winning platform here is our Saxo TraderGo review on desktop, iPhone and iPad.

So you can see the details, best viewed in full screen…

YouTube video

You can view all three of the videos as well as our full Saxo review on their review page, but for your convenience, we’ve added all of them below for your viewing pleasure.

In the Saxo Trader Go review we look at the main functionality of the key platform features. This includes asset coverage, research and analysis, and account tools. You can see all of our broker platform reviews and compare CFD brokers here.

The main review is on the desktop versions. But as more and more trading volume goes through on mobile these days. We’ve also added an overview of how the platform performs on iPad and iPhone.

The desktop version in this Saxo TraderGo review has the narrative and is the most in-depth at around 15 minutes where we go into the most detail.

We think we’ve covered the salient points. But if there is a specific aspect of the platform like equity stock options (which we only touched on briefly) that you would like covered just let us know.

Finally, the iPad version has slightly fewer features and the mobile Saxo TraderGo version is pretty thin. So for both iPad and iPhone Saxo Trade Go reviews we’ve just gone through the motions. There is no sound or narrative (just to give you an idea of the look and feel).

If you have used the Saxo TraderGo platform let us know what you think. Most traders don’t fully utilise the features of most trading platforms.

So, if you’ve come across a random feature or a tool that you think would benefit other traders let them know in the comments below…

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