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Interactive Brokers has unveiled its latest dealing platform, the new software, which is known as IBKR Desktop is described by the broker as a next-generation desktop trading application, which has been developed for both Windows and Mac (iOS) machines.

Introducing IBKR Desktop

IBKR Desktop

The new platform comes complete with a suite of advanced trading tools including two innovations:

MultiSort: a feature that allows users to sort data simultaneously using multiple factors. For example, fundamentals, technical indicators and historic price performance.

Traders can specify up to 10 different factors to sort by and can rank these factors by their relative importance.

Data revealed by the search updates dynamically expanding or contracting as fields are selected, excluded or enriched.

Option Lattice: This is a graphical display of an options chain, that visualises outliers in key data points such as open interest, the volume traded, and implied volatility.

Option traders can quickly switch between views in Option Lattice and can also look at the historical performance of the underlying security, that the selected options chain is over.

IBKR Desktop Training Guides

Interactive Brokers provides users with a comprehensive course about using IBKR Desktop and the features that the platform contains.

The course can be found at the IBKR Campus website under the Traders Academy section.

Further information on using MultiSort and or the Options Lattice can be found in the dedicated IBKR Desktop user guide.

Which we surfaced by simply using the search function on the Campus website to find MultiSort.

Interactive Brokers Innovation

Nasdaq-listed Interactive Brokers is one of the largest online trading businesses in the world.

The company, which was set up by its chairman Thomas Peterffy, 46 years ago, has a market cap of just over $45.0 billion and processes some 1.90 million trades per day.

The firm employs more than 2900 staff in offices located in North America, the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia,  and operates in more than 150 securities markets across the globe.

Speaking about the launch of the new trading tools Milan Galik, CEO of Interactive Brokers said:

“Interactive Brokers has a rich lineage of delivering market-leading technology. Responding to our client’s requests for powerful trading tools in a user-friendly interface”

He added that

“We’ve leveraged our experience building cutting-edge trading solutions to create our latest-generation platform. With IBKR Desktop, traders of all levels can enjoy the advanced trading capabilities of Interactive Brokers”

If there is one criticism that could be levelled at Interactive Brokers it’s that some of its platform interfaces look dated and “clunky”.

However, that’s something the firm is now addressing with the launch of next-generation trading tools, such as the IBKR Desktop platform.

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