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Online & Voice Trade Execution

Ensure your prime broker has experienced dealers to manage your online trading with more complex order voice brokerage services.

Clearing & Give Up Services

Spread orders across multiple execution brokers and give up to your main clearing prime broker to maintain execution anonymity.

Securities Lending

Borrow securities directly from your prime broker to reduce financing costs and the risk of holding a long term short position.

Client Services

Get first class back office support from your prime broker for complex corporate actions, clearing issues and general account management.

Risk Management & Financing

Manage cross exchange positions with SPAN margin facilities to ensure minimal margin requirements on hedged and offset positions with overall portfolio risk management.

Reporting & Portfolio Technology

Ensure your hedge fund has the proper compliance and regulatory processes in place with hedge fund consultancy services and risk management technology.

Prime Brokers

Connect with the most relevant prime broker for your fund, bank or family office's specific style of trading


Prime of Prime

Find a prime of prime, ECN, bank or non-bank liquidity provider that best fits your brokerage or trading business.


Capital Introduction

Access new capital for your fund by using a prime broker with access to capital introduction facilities.


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"We have two decade's experience in the institutional brokerage space and through our network of multi-asset prime brokers we are able to connect funds with the most appropriate brokers, salespeople, traders, and institutional service providers."

Richard Berry, Good Money Guide, Founder


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Find a prime broker that will reduce your commissions and provide added value services such as compliance outsourcing


What is the role of a prime broker?

The purpose of a prime broker is to act as the consolidated portfolio, risk and services account for a hedge fund.

Often hedge funds trade with many different brokers throughout the day who will then "give up" trades to the price broker where the bulk of a funds assets are held.

Whilst the prime broker may handle the majority of a hedge funds execution it is normal for funds to spread business across multiple brokerage accounts to ensure that trades are executed with discretion and finesse.

Prime brokers also offer access to their client pool for capital introduction to increase the net asset value of hedge funds. This is also common with competing brokers who will want to add value to win execution business to generate commission.

What services to Prime Brokers offer:

  • Online and voice trade execution
  • Clearing and give up services
  • Securities lending
  • Client services
  • Risk management and financing
  • Reporting and portfolio technology
  • Capital introduction
  • Hedge fund consulting services

Do we provide a prime brokers list?

Prime brokers are for institutional accounts so there is not a definitive list of prime brokers. However, we do provide a prime brokers interactive finder tool and can assist in putting you fund in touch with a prime broker.

Top prime brokers for start up hedge funds?

The top tier prime brokers are shutting down all their smaller accounts so start up hedge funds need a mini prime broker or mid-tier prime broker.

Our prime broker finder tool can help your start up hedge fund find top prime brokers that are most appropriate for your investment strategy.

Which are the best prime brokers for small hedge funds?

If you have a small hedge fund take you can find a mini prime broker here. We work with the best prime brokers for small to medium sized hedge funds that can assist with your trading and fund strategy, including custodian services, regulatory umbrellas, research, analysis and outsourced back office systems.


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There are no fees for hedge funds to use our services or for introductions to prime brokers


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