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Wisealpha the online platform designed to make it easier to invest in corporate bonds reached another milestone this week, with the news that it has achieved fully certified CPD or Continuous Professional Development status for Bond Academy the company’s educational platform.

Bond Academy has been set up to educate traders and investors about the bond markets and the benefits of investing in them

The academy which launched in the week before Christmas will be headed up by George Flynn, a 15-year veteran of the bond markets with names such Pictet and ECM Asset Management on his CV.

The accredited CPD status means that financial markets professionals will be able to utilise the academies courses, which have been created in conjunction with industry experts, and these courses will count towards the annual tally of CPD points/hours that those who work in investment have to accrue. That tally is currently set at 35 hours per year.

Tim Ganie, Director of Sales & Distribution at WiseAlpha says,

“Continuing Professional Development, CPD, is hugely important in today’s fast-changing financial landscape, whether you are a finance professional or beginning your journey into the world of finance. We have created our CPD accredited online bond academy, in collaboration with independent experts. The course has already been taken by financial advisers who want to further their knowledge of this asset class. Bonds are fast becoming a core part of an investor’s portfolio and WiseAlpha is a leader in this asset class.”

Wiseaplha has a history of moving quickly the business achieved FCA authorisation and regulation in the first half of 2017 and in the following year it launched an automated and fractional bond investment platform known as Robowise, which is aimed at simplifying, automating and democratising bond investing.

Since inception Wisealpha has hosted Euro bonds from leading businesses on its platform, including paper from Burger King France, Netflix, Refinitiv and Travelex. Wisealpha has also won the title of best investment provider at the 2019 British Bank awards.

Bond markets have long been shrouded in mystery and historically market structures have excluded retail traders, with, for example, bonds issued in minimum denominations of one hundred thousand dollars, euros or pounds

Investors have also been put off by what they see as some rather complicated maths and concepts, used in valuing and pricing bond issues. Things are changing but the more education and awareness there is about bond investing, particularly among retail investors the better.

After all, the more ways that companies have of raising capital and the more opportunities that retail investors have, to structure, and diversify their portfolios will help to craft a better and more efficient market

So, it’s to be hoped that this kind of initiative can help to create an environment that meets the needs of both bond issuing businesses and investors looking for opportunities and diversification, away from equity markets. To learn more about bonds and to compare bond brokers with the Good Money Guide  click here

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