Public announces the launch of a browser-based share trading and research platform.

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Online brokerage Public has announced the launch of a browser-based dealing platform that will work in conjunction with existing investing app based offerings.

Public for Web as the new platform is known, will work on any web-enabled device and users will be able to trade in any of 5000 listed US stocks and shares through it.

Public for Web will also allow users to research potential investment opportunities using a combination of fundamental data and custom analysis tools.

Public for web

Public will shortly introduce an AI-powered investing co-pilot, which will be able to screen the markets, summarise earnings calls and answer investors’ questions about market events.

Public Web users can also listen to earnings calls on demand, get live expert analysis on the latest market news, and view reports on sector trends, individual stocks, economic data releases and more.

Public, which is backed by a mixture of venture capitalists and high-profile celebrities, differentiates itself from its US peers by not participating in the controversial business of payment for order flow.

Under which retail brokers sell their order flow to market makers and or high-frequency traders. A process which raises questions about best execution quality and potential conflicts of interest.

Despite that Public offers its UK clients commission-free share trading in US equities within normal market hours.

Desktop adds value for apps

Public is not the only App based broker to launch a web trading portal, The social trading platform eToro rapidly grew its business via a mobile ecosystem, but it also has a very user-friendly browser-based trading system as well.

Interactive Brokers one of the largest, one of the largest online share trading firms offers app-based trading, a browser-based client portal that you can trade through, as well as a dedicated downloadable trading platform.

CMC Markets has a browser-based margin trading platform, but its CMC Invest division, through which clients can buy and sell shares and funds operates largely from a mobile App.

IG Group also offers a combination of a trading app and a web-based dealing platform for its physical share dealing clients.

A browser-based platform can be very useful when you are trying to research stocks and look at charts, and other information, that can’t easily be viewed on the smaller screens that are common to most mobile devices.

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