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For those that want to invest for the long term, rather than speculating on the markets through online trading, Italian bank and broker Fineco has launched a regular investment service.

What is the Fineco Regular Investment Plan?

With the Fineco Regular investment Plan you and invest Funds & ETFs with as little as £/€/$ 50 each month. We’ve covered the pros and cons of regular and lump-sum investing in our guide, which is well worth a read if you are considering drip-feeding investments into the markets.

The Regular Investment Plan automates the investments which are made on the same day every month, so you don’t have to do anything except stay in line with your plan.

Key benefits of the Fineco Regular Investment Plan

  • Invest in funds from £50/month – You can grow your investments in your choice of funds with as little as £/€/$ 50 each month.
  • Low, flat fee per month for ETFs – Pay one low, flat monthly fee starting from £2.95 when you set up your regular investment plan in ETFs
  • No hidden fees or dealing charges for funds – there are no dealing charges for buying or selling funds, only platform fees.
  • No lump sum – already have money in your Fineco account, you don’t need to worry about direct debits or card payments.

Key Risks of the Fineco Regular Investment Plan

  • Making small investments mean that you will take a long time to grow a large investment portfolio
  • You can miss out on big moves by limiting the amount drip-feeding money into the market
  • All investment comes with risk and you could lose money investing versus saving accounts
  • No stocks and shares ISA account option – if you only have small amounts to invest you should do so first in a tax-efficient account

For more information on Fineco Bank, you can read Fineco reviews, or read our interview with Paulo Di Grazia, Fineco General Manager.

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