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Our four main news writers (Richard Berry, Ed Sheldon, Jackson Wong & Darren Sinden) have over 85 years of combined experience, making us an authority when it comes to market movements, company updates, interviews and more. We cover sectors such as UK shares, US stocks, commodities, indices and currency pairs.

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Dodl by AJ Bell

Buying US stocks is now a Dodl

Dodl the App based investing service from AJ Bell has moved into the US market. Or, to be more precise, it has introduced a range of 30 blue-chip US stocks that can be traded using the Dodl App. What US stocks can you trade using Dodl? The list includes internet and technology giants such as

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eToro keeps its US options open and buys Gatsby

eToro has acquired a US options trading app called Gatsby for what’s believed to be around $50.0 million. The company applied for approval for the transaction, with US regulators, back in December but it took until now for FINRA to sign off on the deal. Is eToro any good? Read our full test of the

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The FCA bans refer-a-friend schemes for high-risk investments

The UK’s financial regulator is clamping down on the use of a refer-a-friend bonuses. Financial regulators have been refining the rules about what constitutes an acceptable retail financial promotion since the introduction of MiFID II and the subsequent crackdown on leverage and suitability, in margin trading and spread betting accounts. The FCA, the UK’s retail

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CMC Markets full year 2022 earnings fall short of the mark

CMC Markets has published results for the year ending 31 March 2022 What did the CMC Markets earnings release tell us about the company’s performance? The full-year numbers show a sharp decline in net operating income, which fell by -31.0% to £281.90 million. Down from last year’s £409.80 million, reflecting the slowdown in activity that

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Interactive Brokers gets a new TradingView

Interactive Brokers founded in 1977 as one of the pioneers of online trading, is now available on TradingView having become a partner of the charting and market information service that’s used by more than 30 million traders around the globe each month, and which by some measures is the world’s most used financial website. Interactive

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Interactive Brokers expands carbon offset facility to Western Europe and Asia.

Interactive Brokers the US-based online trading giant is extending its carbon offsetting service outside of the US. Interactive Brokers carbon offset facility Interactive Brokers is launching its carbon offset facility in Western Europe and Asia. As we reported in early April see this link the carbon offset facility allows individual investors to calculate and offset their

Read More » Trading Platform withdraws its strategy builder tool, the retail arm of prime broking, clearing and liquidity provider Finlato, will no longer offer its Investment Strategy Builder service to its customers. The strategy builder tool allowed clients to design and build their own bespoke investing and trading strategies, or to select from a series of pre-built portfolios that offered exposure to a

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IBKR relaunches Covestor as Interactive Advisors

Back in April 2015 online trading giant Interactive Brokers acquired a Boston-based startup called Covestor. And after seven years of incubation and development, it’s been reincarnated under the brand of Interactive Advisors. What is Interactive Advisors? Interactive Advisors is a Roboadvisor that uses modern technology to help clients meet their investing goals. The investment platform

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