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For the last two decades, our team of industry experts has been providing industry news covering investing, trading and currency transfers.

Our four main news writers (Richard Berry, Ed Sheldon, Jackson Wong & Darren Sinden) have over 85 years of combined experience, making us an authority when it comes to market movements, company updates, interviews and more. We cover sectors such as UK shares, US stocks, commodities, indices and currency pairs.

Our finance news is a key part of the offering at Good Money Guide, and compliments our extensive guides, independent reviews and comparisons of financial providers.

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Top UK Stocks For Trading

Best UK Stocks & Shares To Buy Now

This guide looks at the best UK stocks and shares to buy now. In it we have highlighted which are the most popular UK stocks on the major investment platforms, which UK shares are best for day trading, and also how to pick the best companies and sectors to invest in. Top UK shares bought

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CMC Markets adds open banking to its funding options

CMC Markets has introduced open banking payments in partnership with TrueLayer, a well-established FCA-regulated open banking services provider as an option for clients to deposit funds on account. By using open banking payments clients can quickly transfer funds without needing to remember passwords and bank account details instead they can simply use biometric data like

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Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers introduces fractional share trading in Canadian stocks and ETFs

Interactive Brokers the US-based online broker with operations across Europe and Asia is bringing fractional share trading to the Canadian markets. What new service is Interactive Brokers introducing? Interactive Brokers has introduced fractional share trading and clients of the firm can now trade fractionally in all stocks and ETFs listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange

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Travel Money Comparison

HedgeFlows partners with Travelex in the launch of a secure pre-order exchange rate service

Fintech payments and invoicing platform, HedgeFlows, are partnering with Travelex in the launch of a secure pre-order exchange rate service aimed at travellers and tourists. HedgeFlows and Travelex HedgeFlows is partnering with Travelex to launch a secure exchange rate product, enabling UK holidaymakers and other travellers to secure FX conversion rates ahead of their journey,

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Public, the US investment platform launches in the UK

The US investment platform Public has launched in the UK. The investing app is backed by celebrity investors, and in the US it offers its members access to both mainstream investments and alternative asset classes. The UK is going Public Public, which has raised $300 million in venture capital backing, is based in New York

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CNMV (Comisión_Nacional_del_Mercado_de_Valores)

Spain’s CNMV introduces a ban on the marketing of CFDs to retail investors

Spain’s financial regulator CNMV has tightened the regulations around the marketing of CFD trading platforms to retail customers, effectively banning the practice in the country. CNMV CFD Restrictions CNMV or the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores, which regulates financial markets in Spain, has issued new rules which prohibit the marketing of CFDs to retail

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Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers Launches Securities Lending Dashboard

Interactive Brokers, the US-based multi-asset brokerage that has operations across Europe and Asia, has launched a new securities lending dashboard that will allow investors to access stock loan and short selling data. Stock lending analytics The securities lending dashboard provides sophisticated individual investors and institutional clients with an overview of the securities lending market. Clients

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CMC Invest

CMC Invest introduces 2% interest on cash balances

CMC Invest, the share trading and investment app owned by CMC Markets is now paying interest on unencumbered cash balances held in client accounts. 2% interest on cash balances CMC Invest will pay interest at a rate of 2.00 % gross per annum on the client’s uninvested cash, the interest payments will be available across

Read More » Trading Platform cuts the cost of a guaranteed stop loss has reduced the fees it charges for using guaranteed stop losses (GSL), giving clients a cheaper way to protect their positions from large market gaps. GSL spreads have been narrowed across four separate asset classes, Forex, Equity Indices, Commodities and individual stocks and shares. Guaranteed stop-loss premiums The fees or premiums charged for GSLs

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Freetrade’s valuation is cut by more than 60% from £650m to £225m

Freetrade the commission-free share investing app has undergone a dramatic cut in its valuation as it seeks to raise new cash through crowdfunding and is now valued at just £225 million. Freetrade has reduced its valuation ahead of a new crowdfunding campaign. In November 2021 the free share dealing service was valued at £650 million

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