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If you haven’t read our Spreadex review yet, here are a few new features you may not know you were able to do with the alternative spread betting broker:

  1. Get tighter spreadsSpreadex have new variable spreads on FX offer greater value for trading foreign exchange. E.g. trade EUR/USD from a 0.6 spread and GBP/USD from a 0.9 spread.
  2. Trade Via Charts – Open and close trades, monitor and manage positions via desktop charts.
  3. Upgraded Android and iOS Apps – Trade on the go with mobile and tablet apps for iOS (with Touch ID login) and Android.
  4. Trade with 1 Point Spreads – Trade the UK 100, Germany 30 and EUR/USD from a 1 point spread and the SPX 500 from a 0.6 spread.
  5. Get Price Alerts – Get a text, email or push-notification when a market of interest reaches a level specified by you.
  6. Trade Out Of Hours – Trade the UK 100, Germany 30 and selected US stocks outside of normal trading hours.
  7. Auto Fill Reminders – Get a push notification when an order you have placed gets filled.
  8. Market Slippage Tools – Set your Price Tolerance Threshold to more quickly place trades during times of extreme market volatility.

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