Investing apps let you to buy and sell shares, funds, ETFs and bonds through general investment accounts, stocks and shares ISAs and SIPPs from your mobile phone or tablet. We have ranked, compared and reviewed some of the best FCA-regulated investing apps in the UK to help you choose the most appropriate investing app for your investment objectives.

Compare Investing Apps

Use our comparison of investing apps to compare each provider by account types, what you can invest in, and fees. We only include investing apps that are authorised and regulated by the FCA where your funds are protected under the FSCS and where customers have voted for them in our awards survey.

Account Types

When you compare the major investment apps on the market Hargreaves Lansdown is the clear winner when it comes to range of investments offering access to UK and international shares, funds, ETFs, bonds and derivatives. Use our sortable table to compare the best investing apps by what account types they offer.

PlatformGeneralISASIPPPensionJunior ISAJunior SIPPLifetime ISAMore Info
Hargreaves Lansdown✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️Hargreaves Lansdown Offers
AJ Bell Youinvest✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️AJ Bell Youinvest Offers
Interactive Investor✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️Interactive Investor Offers
Interactive Brokers✔️✔️✔️✔️Interactive Brokers Offers
Penfold✔️Penfold Offers
PensionBee✔️PensionBee Offers
Nutmeg✔️✔️✔️✔️Nutmeg Offers
Profile Pensions✔️Profile Pensions Offers
Moneyfarm✔️✔️✔️✔️Moneyfarm Offers

Market Access

Hargreaves Lansdown’s provides access to the most markets through it’s investing app when compared to the other providers we compare. Use our market access comparison table to compare apps by how many different types of investments they offer.

PlatformDIY or ManagedIndividual SharesFundsETFsBondsInternational SharesDerivativesMore Info
Hargreaves LansdownDIY✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️Visit Hargreaves Lansdown
Interactive InvestorDIY✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️Visit Interactive Investor
Interactive BrokersDIY✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️Visit Interactive Brokers
AJ Bell YouinvestDIY✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️Visit AJ Bell Youinvest
Saxo MarketsDIY✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️Visit Saxo Markets
IGDIY✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️Visit IG
NutmegManaged✔️Visit Nutmeg
MoneyfarmManaged✔️Visit Moneyfarm


Interactive Investor is the cheapest investment app in the UK we compare with trading commission as low as £3.99 for those with a Super Investor account (£19.99 a month). Use our stock broker fees comparison table to compare standard app trading commission, discounted rates and accounts fees.

Share FeesDiscounted CommissionStandard CommissionAccount FeeMore Info
Interactive Investor£3.99 (if you upgrade your account fee from £9.99 to £19,99£7.99 £9.99 per monthInteractive Investor
Hargreaves Lansdown£5.95 (if you deal more than 20 times a month)£11.95£0Hargreaves Lansdown
AJ Bell Youinvest£4.95 (if you traded online more than 10 times in the previous month£9.950.25%AJ Bell Youinvest
Interactive Brokers0.05% (if you trade more than £4m a month)0.05% (£1 min)£0Interactive Brokers
IG£3 per trade (if you deal more than 3 times the previous month)£8IG
saxo capital makets review0.05% (£5 min) for VIP customers0.10%
(min. £8 per deal)
£0Saxo Markets

App Store Ratings

Again Hargreaves Lansdown has received the most positive Apple App Store and Google Play reviews (54,685) compared to other investment apps and has one of the highest ratings (4.3/5).

Use our sortable table to compare the best investing apps according to the reviews left by customers in the Apple and Google app stores.

Investing AppTotal ReviewsAverage RatingApple Store ReviewsApple Store RatingGoogle Play ReviewsGoogle Play RatingsTrustPilot ReviewsTrustPilot Ratings
Interactive Investor
Hargreaves Lansdown
AJ Bell Youinvest
IBKR GlobalTrader1,0593.51,3002.97341,8043.7
Table last updated: 1st December 2021 1:44 pm


Comparing investment apps by how many account types they offer, Hargreaves Lansdown & AJ Bell Youinvest both offer the most as they include Lifetime ISAs as well as share dealing, ISAs and SIPPs (both adult and junior).

Use our side-by-side investment app comparison to compare the best investment app by pricing, market access, account types and services.


Best Investing Apps 2022

We have ranked Hargreaves Lansdown as the best investing app in our 2022 Awards. Our picks for the best investing apps are based on over 7,000 votes in our annual awards, our own experiences testing the accounts as well as an in-depth comparison of the features that make them stand out compared to alternatives.

Best Accounts
  1. Hargreaves Lansdown – best investment app 2022
  2. Interactive Investor – excellent fixed-fee investment app
  3. AJ Bell Youinvest – very good  low-cost investment app
  4. Saxo Markets – great investment app for international investing
  5. Interactive Brokers (IBKR GlobalTrader) – excellent investment app for sophisticated investors

Investing App Reviews

Our methodology for reviewing investment apps: In our investing app reviews, we highlight the pros and cons of each account, what you can invest in, how much it costs, and how they compare to the competition. We also explain what makes them different and tell you who they are most appropriate for so you can choose the best investment app for your investing.

Hargreaves Lansdown Investing App


✔️ Most established platform
✔️ Widest market access
✔️ Clear and well laid out


❌ Expensive for small accounts
❌ No zero commission trading
❌ Not as good as desktop version

Hargreaves Lansdown Investing App Review

Hargreaves Lansdown won “best investment app” in our 2022 Good Money Guide Awards

What does the Hargreaves Lansdown app offer?

Hargreaves Lansdown has one of the most comprehensive investment apps on the market at the moment for UK investors. It is well designed, easy to use and offers access to the same wide range of investments so you can buy and sell thousands of investments including domestic and international shares, bonds, ETFs and investment trusts, and over 3,000 funds. The HL app also offers though the widest range of account types (HL offer a standard dealing account, SIPPs, ISAs (stocks as well as cash), junior ISA and SIPPs, plus Lifetime ISA (of all the investment apps we compare only AJ Bell Youinvest also offers lifetime ISAs).

What we found particularly good when testing the apps, what that you still get access to the same stocks news, analysis, research as you do on the main investment platform. The market screen gives a good overview of the major stock markets, currencies and commodities and when you click through to a market you immediately get the risers, fallers so can see where the big daily price moves and potential opportunities are. 

You get lots of information on the stock pages too when with bid-offer spreads (some providers just give mid-market prices), historic charting going back fives years, and an overview of company financials, dividends, and company-related news with HL’s analysis highlighted.

The default option for buying and selling shares is at market, but you can also add limit orders to buy (if a share drops in price), stop loss entry orders (to buy when shares are moving up rather then down), stop losses to protect your downside and can also sell some or all of your position in one go.

How much do the Hargreaves Lansdown app cost?

The app is free to download, and there are no account fees for holding shares. However, dealing commission for shares starts at £11.95 per trade and drops to £5.95 if you do more than 20 deals in a month. It is a more expensive than rivals for holding funds as the standard account charges are 0.45% on the first £250k in your portfolio, but there is no fee for buying funds (as mostly investors buy and sell these less frequently).

Who is the Hargreaves Lansdown app for?

The Hargreaves Lansdown is a good investing app for anyone from absolute beginner to experienced active investor as you get a huge amount of information, data, research, market access and order types. Some novice investors may be put off by the fact that HL does not offer fractional shares, or zero-commission stock broking, but the overall service makes the slightly higher fees worthwhile if you are serious about building a DIY portfolio through an investment app.

Interactive Investor Investing App


✔️ Fixed account fee
✔️ Lots of investment options
✔️ Expert research and analysis


❌ App not as comprehensive as website
❌ No options trading
❌ No lifetime ISA account

Interactive Investor App

Interactive Investor Investing App Review

What does the Interactive Investor app offer?

The II app is actually fairly similar to Hargreaves Lansdown in that they offer access to a similar amount of markets, though a similar amount of account types (no lifetime ISAs). As with HL you get a very nice interface, with the main risers and fallers featured, good charting so you can see where a stock has been performing over the last five years, and an excellent suite of news, research and analysis.

We have ranked Interactive Investor second in our list of investment apps, as there are slightly fewer order execution options. For example, you can buy at the market (as a number of shares or a monetary amount), but you don’t get the option to include fees or not on the dealing ticket. When we tested the app we also could not see an option to execute stop-limit orders to open (only to set stop losses).

There were a couple of features that HL doesn’t offer such as in-app video analysis and they separate regulatory filing from normal company news which we found quite useful.

How much does the Interactive Investor app cost?

It’s free to download, but Interactive Investor charges a fixed account fee of between £9.99 and £19.99 a month depending on how much you trade which covers the cost of holding shares and funds. So compared to Hargreaves Lansdown, Interactive Investor is cheaper for funds, but not for stocks.

Who is the Interactive Investor app for?

It’s a good choice for active investors who want to make their own investment decisions and will be adding a lot of funds as well as shares to their portfolio as fees are capped. 

AJ Bell Youinvest Investing App


✔️ Wide range of investments on app
✔️ Varied account tpes
✔️ App customer service


❌ Not as cheap as other apps for small accounts
❌ Limited research and analysis compared to wesbite
❌ App account opening can be slow

AJ Bell Youinvest Investing App Review

What does the AJ Bell Youinvest app offer?

As with II and HL, AJ Bell Youinvest offers a straightforward and user-friendly app that enables you to buy and sell a wide range of investments including shares, funds, investment trusts, and ETFs through a normal share dealing account, SIPPs and ISAs (adult and junior) as well as Lifetime ISAs, if you are just getting started and want to put your money to work to buy a house.

However, unlike the desktop version, the app is a bit more basic than its rivals. It follows suit with presenting the main markets first, but when you click through you don’t get the performance of the constituents, just the main index price. You are also fairly limited in how you can buy and sell shares as there is only the option to buy at market or place a limit order. When you open a dealing ticket you also do not get company news or financial attached (which is quite handy and gives you some last-minute market colour before you deal). But if we are honest, if you are using company fundamentals to make investment decisions you can get far more information from desktop sites versus any mobile investment app.

Despite this though, the news section is excellent because it segments news into type rather than by company so can you see all the latest trading statements, company results, takeover chatter, contract wins, director dealing and company events. All are great for weeding out potential market moves and provide some good stimulus of what shares to buy and sell.

How much does the AJ Bell Youinvest app cost?

This is where it excels, Youinvest has always been one of the cheapest investment accounts to run. the app is of course free to download and share dealing account fees are just 0.25% capped at £3.50 per month. Holding funds is 0.25% for the first £250k. That is compared to HL’s 0.45% for funds and II’s £9.99 fixed fee.

Who is the AJ Bell Youinvest app good for?

Anyone who is more interested in keeping costs at a bare minimum, whilst still having access to a huge range of markets and account types. It’s not quite as suitable for very active investors due to the lack of execution order types, but for those who just want to build a portfolio without trying to time the market too much it is a very good option.

Capital at risk

IBKR GlobalTrader Investing App


✔️ Massive investment choice
✔️ Very well established brokerage
✔️ Lowest cost execution rates


❌ Cannot be logged in to app and online together
❌ Slow customer service
❌ Not based in the UK

IBKR GlobalTrader Investing App Review

What does IBKR GlobalTrader offer?

The IBKR GlobalTrader app from Interactive Brokers, provides access to the most markets of all the investment providers we review. The app is a simplified version of IBKRs main trading platform which is by far the most sophisticated execution platform available to private clients. So, what makes the IBKR GlobalTrader app unique is that it provides a simplified front end to what is essentially an institutional trading infrastructure.

For retail clients, it is very easy to use and provides access to UK and international stocks, bonds, funds, ETFs and derivatives (if you are experienced enough and request them). Unlike other trading platforms that also offer investment options, IBKR restricts access to the more high-risk products rather than stuffing them in your face.

There are some excellent features for ethical investors too, which come from IBKR’s ethical focussed app IMPACT, where you can see how ethical the positions in your portfolio are. Execution costs are exceptionally low, which is where Interactive Brokers has always won business (along with it’s technology).

How much does IBKR Global cost?

If you are a trader, rather than investor it works out much cheaper as commissions are charged at 0.05% of the value of the trade rather than a fixed amount with a minimum commission of £1. So it’s actually cheap than II, HL and Youinvest for smaller deals, but more expensive if you are buying more than £20,000 of stock. But, as you can deal direct on exchange and work bid offers inside the market price your execution prices should be better.

Who is IBKR GlobalTrader good for?

Overall, the GlobalTrader app is an excellent choice for investors who are just starting out (as it is so cheap) but will become larger and more sophisticated as their portfolio grows and want to access more sophisticated investment products.


IG Investing App



✔️ Excellent investment options on app
✔️ Good research and analysis through app
✔️ Derivatives also available on app


❌ No lifetime ISA on app
❌ No junior investment account
❌ Some maybe put of by app derivatives background

IG Investing App Review

What does the IG investing app offer?

IG is primarily a derivatives broker for trading CFDs and financial spread betting, but they also offer physical share dealing through the same app. It is the same app for trading and investing, but if you switch to use your share dealing account you only get the option to invest. You still get the huge range of markets that IG provides access to, as well as market alerts, but compared to other investing apps no where near as much news and analysis.

When we tested the IG app it still feels like a trading app (as there are lots of flashing lights with indices and commodities given the prime spot on watchlist), but even though you can see these markets you can’t trade them. It does give a good overview of the markets, but is a little distracting.

There are some really good features though like, prebuilt watchlist of ESG investments, electric vehicles and other popular markets. You also get by far the most order types of the investment apps we compared in including defining orders for the day (GTD) or until you cancel them (GTC).

There is also a very helpful section that displays client sentiment on companies and markets. It’s a very useful tool to see how many of IG clients are short a stock (betting on it going down) as well as drill down into a company’s fundamentals and financials with their Insight tool.

How much does the IG investing app cost?

It’s free to download and trading commissions are very competitive. buying UK shares is £8 per deal, but if you deal more than 3 times per month that fee is dropped to £3, making them one of the cheapest accounts around. For US shares if you deal more than three times per month, there is no charge (other than a 0.5% fee to convert GBP into USD for the purchase, which is fairly standard). Also if you fall under the regular trader category 3+ traders per month) there is no account fee either (if not it works out at £8 per month.

Who is the IG investing app for?

If you are a regular trader and are more interested in high risk products like CFDs and spread betting, then IG offers a very cheap way for you to include physical shares and funds in your portfolio without the need to run multiple accounts.

Your capital is at risk.

Saxo Markets Investing App


✔️ Excellent investment range on app
✔️ Lots of app account types
✔️ Direct market access on app


❌ App can be too complicated for beginners
❌ Derivatives pedigree
❌ HQ not in the UK

Saxo Markets Investing App Review

What does the Saxo Markets investing app offer?

The Saxo Markets app is a serious tool for serious investors. The investing option runs alongside the main derivatives app where you can trade options, CFDs with direct market access and futures and options. These are very high-risk products for sophisticated investors. But as the app has been developed for high frequency, very large, very active traders it is robust enough for even the most active investors and has some great features. When you bring up a stock page you get a very comprehensive overview with technical charting, analysis (with broker recommendation, price targets and ratings), fundamentals, market depth (level-2 pricing) as well as trading signals from autochartist.

How much does the Saxo Markets investing app cost?

It is of course free to download and commission per trade is very low at 0.10% with a £8 minimum or 0.05% and £5 min for regular traders) but there are other costs to consider such as exchange subscriptions for live pricing on some markets. However, if you are a regular and large enough trader these costs will help you get much better execution prices.

Who is the Saxo Markets investing app for?

If you are only planning on investing in the long term and have no interest in short-term speculation, it’s not for you. But, if you are a sophisticated investor and want to manage every aspect of your portfolio actively and need an established platform with some of the best pricing and execution around the Saxo Markets app is a good option.

What is an investing app?

An investing app is the mobile version of an investment account’s platform. A mobile investing app allows investors to buy and sell a range of investments (depending on provider) including, shares, bonds, ETFs, funds through a general investing account, stocks and shares ISA, SIPP or pension.

The key features of the best investing apps in the UK are:

  • Well laid out and easy to use
  • Highly secure with two-factor authentication and/or biometric login features
  • Able to provide access to most account features
  • Able to provide access to financial data so that you can make well-informed investment decisions
  • Reliable and free of bugs
  • Available on multiple devices


How do investing apps make money?

Investing apps make money through commission when customers buy and sell investments as well as account charges. You can see a comparison of account charges and commission in our investment account comparison table.

What’s the difference between a trading app and an investing app?

Investing apps, are different to trading apps, in that investing apps are for long term capital growth where you can invest in normal investing accounts, stocks and shares ISAs and SIPPs, whereas trading apps are more for short term speculation like financial spread betting and CFDs.

Are investing apps free to download?

Yes, generally investing apps are free to download from the relevant app stores. The providers of the investment apps will charge for the services that are on offer through the app. This charge is usually deducted from your investment account, rather than charged through an app store.

Are investing apps safe?

Only investing apps that are regulated by the FCA are safe. If you invest with an FCA-regulated investing app your funds are covered up to a certain amount by the FSCS.

Can you make money with an investing app?

Yes, you can make money with an investing app. However, when investing you only make money if you choose good investments. the value of any investment can go up as well as down.

How do investing apps work?

Investing apps connect to investment platforms and allow you to monitor your portfolio and make trades on the go via devices such as smartphones and tablets. All you need is your device and an internet connection. The key advantage of apps is the level of convenience they provide – you can invest wherever you are and react quickly to opportunities if you need to.

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