Fund platforms enable clients to buy and sell investment funds such as ETFs, open-ended funds, investment trusts, and index funds. We have ranked, compared and reviewed some of the best FCA-regulated fund platforms in the UK to help you choose the most appropriate account for your investment objectives.

Compare Fund Platforms

Use our fund platform account comparison to compare each provider by account types, what you can invest in, and fees. We only include providers that are authorised and regulated by the FCA where your funds are protected under the FSCS and where customers have voted for them in our awards survey.


Fund FeesDealing Commission£0 – £250,000£250,000 – £1m£1m – £2m£2m+More Info
Interactive Investor£7.99£9.99£9.99£9.99£9.99Visit Interactive Investor
Hargreaves Lansdown£00.45%0.25%0.1%£0Visit Hargreaves Lansdown
AJ Bell Youinvest£1.500.25%0.10%0.05%£0Visit AJ Bell Youinvest

Account Types

Investing PlatformGeneralISASIPPPensionJunior ISAJunior SIPPLifetime ISA
Interactive Investor
Hargreaves Lansdown
Interactive Brokers✔️✔️✔️✔️
AJ Bell Youinvest


Use our side-by-side fund platform account comparison to compare the best fund accounts by pricing, market access, account types and services.

Best Fund Investing Platforms 2022

Our picks for the best fund platforms are based on over 7,000 votes in our annual awards, our own experiences testing the accounts as well as an in-depth comparison of the features that make them stand out compared to alternatives.

  1. Interactive Investor – best fund platform 2022
  2. Hargreaves Lansdown – excellent fund analysis and research
  3. AJ Bell Youinvest – very good for low-cost fund investing
Best Accounts

Fund Platform Reviews

Our methodology for reviewing fund platforms: In our fund platform reviews, we highlight the pros and cons of each account, what you can invest in, how much it costs, and how they compare to the competition. We also explain what makes them different and tell you who they are most appropriate for so you can choose the best account for your investing.

Interactive Investor Fund Investing


✔️ Wide choice of funds
✔️ Research and fund screeners
✔️ Hold funds in different accounts


❌ Can be expensive compared to competitors
❌ Phone charges are high
❌ Some bonds have minimum deal sizes

Interactive Investor Funds Review

As well as investment trusts and ETFs, II offers clients access to managed funds sometimes referred to as mutual funds.

These funds are usually unlisted and are bought from and sold to the management company by investors and as with investment trust and ETFs they typically invest in a specific theme or sector, for example, UK smaller companies.

There are hundreds of funds available to investors and once again II breaks down the performance of the best of these funds over time and which of them have proved most popular among its clients.

It also offers some curated lists of funds and model portfolios from these funds that meet specific criteria, for example, active growth, active income and low-cost growth.

II is not an advisory service, unlike some of its rivals, which do offer investment advice as an additional service. The model portfolios allow clients to benefit from the expertise of II’s investment committees and are a good starting point for anyone interested in a disciplined approach to portfolio construction and asset allocation, which is often seen as the bedrock of long term investing.

As to fees, yes you have guessed it, flat fee charges apply once again so that’s £9.99 per month for a trading and or ISA account, inclusive of one free trade per month and additional trades charged at £7.99 each. SIPP holders pay an additional £10.00 per month admin fee on top of the £9.99 charge.

Interactive Investor ii Super 60 Investments

Interactive Investors Super 60 investments are a curated list of funds investment trust and ETFs designed to help clients build portfolios that meet their investing goals.

The list constituents are selected by an investment committee made up of senior II staff members and independent experts.

Potential Investments are put through a series of rigorous qualitative and quantitative screens, before inclusion in the Super 60 list and are then subject to a regular review once on it.

Investments on the list are then subdivided into the following theme income, low cost, core, small-cap and adventurous. The thinking and characteristics of these themes are clearly explained on the website.

The super 60 list will be very useful for those who are new to investing or those looking to manage their pension within a SIPP for the first time as it’s designed to facilitate simple straight forward portfolio construction and specific investment goals.

In terms of cost as with all II predicts the flat fee structure applies so that £9.99 per month including one free deal and any subsequent deals being charged at £7.99 per trade. SIPP holders pay an additional £10.00 per month admin fee on top of the £9.99 charge.

Interactive Investor Quick Start Funds

The quick start fund is another group of curated investments compile by IIs experts they are designed to allow those who are new to investing to hit the ground running.

There are six quick start funds that allow an investor to gain exposure based on their risk appetite and II provides a straight forward guide with a gauge system to identify the degree of risk associated with the funds that vary from low to higher risk.

As with all other II products the flat fee structure applies and the quick start, funds are very good place for those who are new to investing or those who don’t want to micro manage their portfolio to set out from.

Interactive Investor Model Portfolios

II’s model portfolios are pre-selected groups of funds constructed to meet specific investment criteria they are designed to allow investors to allocate to specific themes and diversify their portfolio without having to do lots of number crunching and research for themselves.

II has created four portfolios that aim to facilitate active growth, active income, low-cost growth and low-cost income.

Active growth for example is a portfolio of 10 funds aimed at investors who are looking to build their wealth by investing in active fund management. Active funds are run by managers who specifically buy and sell stocks based on their underlying characteristics, with the goal of beating return generated by an index or other benchmark.

Once again IIs flat fee charging structure applies to the model portfolios.

Interactive investor ii ACE 40 Investments

The ACE 40 investments are a set of a model portfolio specifically targeting ethical investors and investments. The portfolios cover a variety of asset classes and sectors for example bonds and equities and also different geographies such as Europe and Asia as well as alternative investments.

Once again these portfolios are constructed by IIs experts and they designed to allow investors to allocate assets and construct portfolios and ethical and ESG overlay something which is becoming ever more important to investors who want to make their money grow but to also do good at the same time.

As you might expect the II flat fee charging structure applies here as well

Hargreaves Lansdown Fund Investing


✔️ Large choice of funds to invest in 
✔️ Pre built fund portfolios
✔️ Hold funds in different accounts


❌ Phone dealing only on some funds
❌ Phone charges are high
❌ Some bonds have minimum deal sizes

Hargreaves Lansdown Funds Review

Funds offer an easy way to invest. With more than 3000 to choose from there should be something to suit any investment objective. Each of these are tailored according to a different risk profile, goal. Which one you choose will depend on what you want to achieve. There are some which offer income, others that help you develop a retirement income. These, they say, have pre-set filters which pay a monthly income and have shown a historic yield of more than 4%. They also have tracker funds that follow an established index.

When choosing your fund, you can use the Wealth Shortlist which is a collection of funds they have researched and chosen for their long-term performance. They also have ready-made funds which you can use as a starting block. You’ll pay no fee for setting up the fund and a sliding scale of annual fees depending on how much is in your fund.

You can choose funds from Hargreaves Lansdown from options like; managed funds, sustainable funds, recommended funds and more.

These run as follows:

  • £0 to £25000: 0.45%
  • £250,000 to £1million: 0.25%
  • Between £1million and £2million: 0.1%.
  • Over £2million: No charge

Other providers have lower fees, but HL rests on its reputation, scale and expertise.

Hargreaves Lansdown’s “The Wealth Shortlist”

The Wealth Shortlist is a specially selected group of funds chosen by Hargreaves Lansdown’s analysts for their performance and diversity. They are intended to serve as a starting block to help users develop their own balanced portfolios. To use it you will need a certain amount of knowledge about how to choose funds which fit your investment goals and maintain a diverse mi of investments. For those who are less experienced there are ready made portfolios available.

It is important to remember with these shortlists that this is not investment advice. They have been selected to fit a number of objectives and risk profiles. Some will offer high risk/high return while others will offer a safer option.

There are no additional fees over the regular options. Charges involve a management fee for selling stocks and an annual fee starting from 0.45%. This reduces on a sliding scale once funds reach higher values.

Hargreaves Lansdown Master Portfolios

Master portfolios are an innovative way to build your confidence with investing. You can choose from five example portfolios which have been selected from their Wealth Shortlist by their analysts for their long-term performance. You can then tinker with the portfolios by adjusting the percentage invested in each fun according to your own preferences.

The funds are professionally managed but responsibility lies with you. They serve as a starting point from where you can develop your own approach to investment.

You can select from several different styles including, high risk adventurous funds, medium risk and low risk, or conservative, funds. You may also choose products which provide long term investments for children or are designed to provide you with an income.

Hargreaves Lansdown Portfolio Plus Review

Sometimes it’s best to leave things to the experts. That’s what their portfolio plus service offers it allows you have their experts choose your investments for you. It’s a good blend of simplicity as well as performance as you’re benefitting directly from the skills and experience of their investments.

You can choose whether you’re looking to invest for income or growth, and the level of risk you’re comfortable with. In total, there are six ready-made portfolios all of which are managed on a daily basis. It’s a straightforward, effective option and comes with no extra cost. You’ll pay the regular management fee of £11.95 when you sell and their service charges starting from 0.45%. You can track investments online or via their app.

The service is relatively expensive compared to other brokers. However, you’re paying for the reputation and experience of their managers, plus the high diversity of the underlying funds.

AJ Bell Youinvest Fund Investing


✔️ Wide choice of funds online
✔️ Research and fund screeners
✔️ Hold funds in different accounts


❌ Account opening slow
❌ No direct advice 
❌ Better for big accounts

AJ Bell Youinvest Funds Review

AJ Bell Youinvest offers a fantastic selection of funds for investors. Currently, there are more than 2,000 funds on the platform. These funds – which include both active and passive funds – offer access to specific asset classes, markets, and geographical locations. You can invest as little as £25 per month into funds with the company’s regular investment service.

Through AJ Bell Youinvest, you can access funds from top fund management firms. For example, on the platform there are funds from the likes of Fundsmith, Baillie Gifford, Vanguard, and Fidelity. Overall, the fund list is very comprehensive, although not as comprehensive as that of rival Hargreaves Lansdown, which offers access to over 3,600 funds.

AJ Bell Youinvest also offers a range of funds that have been built in-house. An example is the AJ Bell Global Growth fund. This fund invests mostly in aggressive assets such as shares – including those in emerging markets and global technology. With these funds, the annual ongoing charge is capped at 0.35% for the growth funds, and 1.00% for the income funds. The custody charge is 0.25%.

There’s a £1.50 dealing charge to buy and sell third-party funds, but no dealing charge for AJ Bell funds.

AJ Bell Youinvest Favourite funds

To help investors choose funds to invest in, AJ Bell Youinvest has developed a ‘Favourite funds’ list. This is a handy feature for those who don’t have the time to do their own fund research.

Funds on this list are those that AJ Bell Youinvest believes offer the combination of excellent fund management, low charges, and the best long-term potential performance. The list – which is updated regularly – is put together by AJ Bell Youinvest’s investment specialists and only features funds that offer a combination of the following:

  • A good track record compared to the benchmark and peers
  • A top-quality fund management team
  • Reasonable ongoing charges

Investors can use a filter tool to find the right fund to meet their criteria – whether that’s fund type, fund sector, or investment goal.

Costs vary depending on the fund chosen.

AJ Bell Youinvest Ready-Made Portfolios

AJ Bell Youinvest has developed a number of ‘Ready-made portfolios.’ These portfolios are designed to take stress out of picking investments and help investors hit the ground running.

There are four Ready-made portfolios that you can invest in. These are:

  • Cautious – this portfolio aims to grow your money modestly over time, beating cash returns while keeping ups and downs to a minimum. It mainly invests in low-risk assets such as bonds but has a small amount of exposure to shares.
  • Balanced – this portfolio aims to generate a steady, reliable return for investors over the long run without too many ups and downs. Capital is split between conservative assets such as bonds, moderate-risk assets such as commercial property, and higher-risk assets such as shares.
  • Adventurous – this portfolio aims to generate strong investment growth over the long term, albeit with a higher level of volatility along the way. It invests predominantly in higher-risk assets such as shares. There’s also some exposure to moderate-risk assets like corporate bonds and commercial property.
  • Income – this portfolio aims to provide regular share dividends and bond interest payments for investors, while delivering steady investment growth too. It has exposure to conservative assets such as bonds, moderate-risk assets such as commercial property, and aggressive assets such as shares.

Each of these Ready-made portfolios is made up of funds in AJ Bell Youinvest’s Favourite funds list. When you buy a Ready-made portfolio, the funds within it will appear in your account. From that point on, it’s up to you to manage these funds.

Costs for the Ready-made portfolios vary depending on the portfolio. Costs include an initial dealing charge, an annual custody charge, and ongoing annual fund charges.

This feature is similar to Hargreaves Lansdown’s Portfolio+ offering. A key difference, however, is that Hargreaves Lansdown offers a total of six ready-made portfolios.

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