Best Everyday Credit Cards

Everyday credit cards do exactly what they say on the tin – offer you the most flexibility for everyday use while having a reasonable interest rate, a balance transfer option and an initial interest-free period on purchases.

  1. Virgin Money 26 Month All Round Credit Card is the most popular with customers at uSwitch, with 18.9% APR and 0% interest on balance transfers and purchases for 26 months. However, applicants must have a good credit history, and there is a 2.9% balance transfer fee.
  2. M & S Shopping Plus Credit Card gets top marks from The Motley Fool, offering 0% interest for 20 months for balance transfers and purchases. You’ll also earn M & S points as you shop. The reward version of the card offers extra M & S points.
  3. Santander Everyday Credit Card offers an enticing 27 months of 0% interest on balance transfers and without a fee. This card sits in third only because the 0% interest on purchases is for three months only. There are cashback rewards at outlets including Costa Coffee, Subway and Morrisons.